Inspire Kids Commences Science Clubs For Youngsters

By Chido Nwakanma

Leading science education provider Inspire Kids Education has introduced a modular Science Club for inculcating hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education to pupils in elementary and junior secondary schools.

The concept is to take practical demonstrations of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to schools with expositions as well as the pupil’s direct interaction with scientists and scientific phenomena.

The first Inventors Clubhouse event of Inspire Kids took place at Morehouse Primary School, Surulere, Lagos. The Inventors Clubhouse Mobile Science and Technology Expo was a one-day event for pupils ages 4-12. It featured over 50 pupils.

Inspire Kids Inventors Clubhouse programme coordinator Mrs Adaeze Abiaka spoke on the programme. She stated, “The Inventors Clubhouse experience exposes the young learners to the simplicity of science and its inventions through scientific exploration, inspiring them to reach inside themselves and their imagination to become creative problem solvers. We use demonstrations, scientific experiments and simulations to aid their understanding of both scientific ideas and how they manifest in real life.”

Mrs Abiaka said that pupils at Morehouse this year worked on the theme of “Air and Gases” using science stations. They explored scientific concepts such as the properties of matter (Gases); how air responds to different conditions, how air influences weather, how air aids flight, the Principles of flight and much more.

She added, “These explorations led them to the understanding of the process of scientific inventions - from the problem - to the question - to observation – to experiment - to analyzing data – and to designing the solution. This is the same way inventors think and work. Our Science Stations provide over fifteen explorations that build the scientific concepts from simple to complex. At these stations, the learners observe, investigate and test science phenomena with their hands and senses giving each child a personal experience. Engaging the young learners this way offers them a more permanent learning and inspires them to reach for more.”

Pupils built model parachutes, planes, hovercrafts, hot air balloons and air propelled vehicles. The process helped them acquire the understanding of the science behind the operation of such technological devices.

Mrs Abiaka stated, “The experiments created so much excitement and purpose filled entertainment for the pupils. The pupils experienced exploding gas reactions and many wow activities, and take-home scientific gifts. This Expo is open for subscription to elementary schools.”

Inspire Kids provides its services to schools in Lagos and Ogun States. It has 20 workbooks for STEM to help students and pupils.


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