APC USA Plead With Stakeholders, Communities And Youths To Complement Government Efforts In Addressing Boko Haram, Biafra, MOSSOB, Kidnappers, Robbery, Cults, Etc.

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Invariably, we need to call to action, key Stakeholders working youths to incorporate resourceful programs to upturn: “An idle mind is a devils’ workshop”, Attestations to excesses of Boko Haram, Biafra, MOSSOB, Kidnappers, Robbery, Cults, etc. largely noticed among youths.

This idiomatic expression has led to many youths losing their life’s and properties to unscrupulous societal elements and political manipulators. Its unimaginable, the number of youths lost to crises since 1960 independence. This is increasingly ongoing, as youths are accepting to be used against themselves and their communities for tokens. Ridiculously tailgating the advent of: Boko Haram, Biafra, MOSSOB, Kidnappers, Robbery, Cults, etc.

If this is not promptly addressed by President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration; we envisaged and feared youths’ drastic reduction in Nigeria. As such, youths will not be enough to take-up future responsibilities as desired by any progressive nation. Sponsor will in turn improvise on their children, living the poor, to be poorer and rich get richer haven devoured the less privileged.

If Nigerian youths constitute about 65% of the general population, there’s the need for the following Kingpins to step-in with their network of partners and hit the nail once and for the benefit of youths:

  • Hon. Minister of Youth and Sports-Barrister Solomon Dalung,

  • National Woman Leader-Dr. Ramatu Tijjani Ahmed,

  • Diaspora Woman Leader-Ms. Mesi Ada Usiade,

  • Diaspora Nigerians,

  • Enlightened Stakeholders, etc.

All these is precepts to women and youth development; expectant responsibilities of the aforementioned arrowhead:

  • The Presidency,

  • Appropriate and Timely Remunerations,

  • Employment and Training,

  • Community Engagements and Integrations,

  • Youth Information Data Bank,

  • Efficient and Effective Youth Finance,

  • Games, Sports, Drama, Quiz and Debates Competitions,

  • Youth Computer Literacy Program,

  • Youth Exchange Program, etc.

No one or nation, neither Nigeria can survive the damages from: Boko Haram, Biafra, MOSSOB, Kidnappers, Robbery, Cults, etc. Associated with traces and evidences of ritual killings all over and spreading like wide fire across every nook and crannies. “War, Crisis, strikes, has never been proven to resolved any issue amicably. Experts and superpowers are wholly struggling to unsolved dicey puzzle day by day getting more problematic. Resulting in massive killings, hospitalizations, migration and refugee, hatred, hunger and poverty, disappearances of nature and culture, etc.

Confusion ravaging a world blessed with technocrats and technologies, yet in sway of mess limbo. Military and paramilitary are gazing daily to an endless point, yet turbulence mirage sets in leaving us to the unknown. Nigerian situation becomes more complex, because too many hands are involved in masterminding; Boko Haram, Biafra, MOSSOB, Kidnappers, Robbery, Cults, etc.

With the advent of various sophisticated gargets and machineries loosely in circulation with the good the bad and the ugly, are human beings able to solve Wars or Crises. May be next generations if any and otherwise, may resort to accessorial-ritual spiritualism.

Accessorial-ritual spiritualism; Nigeria is a force to be reckoned with, yet unable to use it humanity wisely but use it to destroy its communities, families and well-wishers. Wrongfully using accessorial-ritual spiritualism against ourselves is bringing to end our well-cherished: rich cultural heritage, history, tourism and the purposes of community connections and integration. Again, we blame our so called Leaders and politicians who sold us out.

Name any place in the world where this is not good practice, regardless of an iota of difference. Collectively, Nigerians must desist from these unhealthy practices to healthy and beneficial practices to increase and improve humanity.

Nevertheless, we see endless opportunities and light at the end of the tunnel, for women and youths seeking livelihoods within and outside Nigeria if only they get organized, desist from being used, calling for separation and war.

Examples are everywhere, masses, the innocent, women and children, including aging is dying of shocking incidences of Boko Haram, Biafra, MOSSOB, Kidnappers, Robbery, Cults, etc. calamities. We quickly forget; "Love thy neighbor as thy self" known to be well practiced in Africa, now a mirage.

Something is not matching rightly but likely to be similar in various ways to Boko Haram, Biafra, MOSSOB, Kidnappers, Robbery, Cults, etc. with the recent security issues in Zaria; clash with the Army and Shiites. Malam Nasir El-Rufai, Governor of Kaduna State compelled Nigerians in own words, as part of a learning and resolving curve: “We urge all citizens to be vigilant as they go about their normal activities, and to report any suspicions or concerns to the appropriate authorities. Let us all redouble our commitment to sustaining the peace, and to uphold each other in our God-given humanity”. Such words of wisdom, are able to bring grieved parties together.

Give or take ethnic dichotomies, religious bigotry, class, etc., youths are also to be blamed. This administration needs partner in progress and must not be taken for granted.

Francis John
APC USA International Secretariat
[email protected]