4 Tips For Your Next Holiday Spa Treatment

Source: Jovago.com

Your once in a lifetime wellness retreat is booked and you are counting down the days! A wellness retreat takes you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and grants the opportunity to bask in the elegance of stimulating scented oils and soothing massages. Wellness tourism is quickly gaining momentum in Africa evident in spas and resorts spread across Africa offering a calmness and serenity beyond one’s expectation.

This form of tourism focused on promoting health and well-being is well-needed in this holiday season in preparation for the new year. In fact, the wellness tourism industry is expected to grow by 50% as a result of a growth drive in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. This prospect shows that even as wellness tourism in Africa is concentrated in certain regions, there is a growing likelihood of a dispersion and the development of more destinations for leisure travellers.

Tanzania , South Africa, Kenya, Seychelles, Egypt , Nigeria and even Zimbabwe amongst others have well-designed cocoons to grant a relaxing escape away from the commotion that comes with the end of the year. The eco-friendly resorts spread across the African continent ensure that your body is pampered and prepared for the New Year. For retreat seekers who aren’t interested in travelling miles to get the necessary spa treatments, total rejuvenation could easily be found in the tranquil setting of certain hotels and resorts in close proximity. Jovago brings you five handy tips to ensure that this wellness retreat turns out to be completely successful.

Say bye to your devices: This retreat is your chance de-stress and get mentally (and physically) prepared for the next year. See to it that all prospective sources of stress are left behind - mobile phones, laptops, tablets should have a rest in order to have a completely relaxed time devoid of the distraction that work mails may create.

Slouchy is the new cool: While on this retreat, be completely at ease. Fret not about your robe and fluffy in-house slippers, your hard-work is going to be well-rewarded.

Comfort is key: For the massage treatments and wellness sessions, it is important to be comfortable all through the process. If uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to speak up and have the therapists cater to your needs. The room temperature, warmth of massage stones or intensity of the massage could always be adjusted upon request. Your comfort is key at all times while on this retreat.

Enjoy the moment: Remember you’re going to be in a new and exciting place, admittedly it may be slightly different from the norm but it’s important that you enjoy every bit of your retreat in order to be well rejuvenated at its end. Bask in the relaxation and indulge yourself, you deserve it.

Would you be taking a wellness retreat before the year runs out?

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