Regina Chukwu prays for women looking up to God for a Miracle

Source: Atiba Yetunde/

Nollywood actress, Regina Chukwu, is not a new face in the movie industry as she has now become a regular face in the Yoruba movie industry. She has become a household name whereby many producers now seek her attention to grace many movie sets.

The actress is not the attention seeking type as she knows when to make headlines and when to mind her business but in the news now, she is out to celebrate her son, Richard, who recently turned a year older.

Appreciating God for preserving her son's life the actress sated that she does not know the right words to use in showing appreciation to God over her son's life.

“How do I begin my thank you message to every single soul that took out time to celebrate my son with me? How do I put into words how deeply grateful I am, how do I make you all understand that celebrating Richard with me is the best Christmas gift I could ever get. Am so emotional right now and am sure you do not know how deep I was moved seeing his/our pictures on your display pictures/Instagram pages, shout outs via calls, posts, captions and tags. Prayers via calls, messages, pings, posts and captions. I made him go through all of it and he was moved to tears,” Regina wrote.

She also used the medium to pray for women looking up to God for a child. “I use this as a point of contact to every woman looking up to God for a miracle, the lord will cause your wombs to open, and you shall be called blessed.”