Mbabazi Uganda’s Magufuli

By Jeema Uganda

The Justice Forum (JEEMA) congratulates the Republic of Tanzania upon marking the 54th anniversary of independence on 9 Dec 2015.

We take exceptional commendation and support to H.E President John Pombe Magufuli’s new austerity measures of governance in the region, aimed at combating corruption and wastage.

President Magufuli pragmatically walked the talk lately; cancelling the pompous expenditures on Independence Day and instead committing available resources on a more urgent social cause of fighting cholera. This is exemplary leadership.

In Uganda, it’s to the contrary. At around the same time Magufuli physically engaged in cleaning the city of Dar-as-Salaam to rid it of cholera, the ruling party flag bearer in Uganda simply talked about fighting hepatitis in the east of the nation. In a way, he turned a people’s misery into a campaign platform!

Like other healthcare challenges, hepatitis has remained outstanding in Uganda for the last five years. Thanks to regular-five-year-elections; it’s now a subject of talk.

In Uganda, we have just hosted the Pope—a global leader of over two billion Catholics and presiding over an economy of over a trillion GDP in the Vatican.

Whereas the Pope deliberately opted to ride a KIA vehicle, valued at less than Ugsh21m, his host; leader of 36 million people with a meager 40b-dollar GDP, does not only ride a billion-shilling limousine; its accompanied by a twenty-vehicle fleet of fuel guzzlers. If this is not wastage, it’s nameless. But perpetuators of this situation vehemently want it sustained for another five years!

Uganda needs a Magufuli. The closest to him among current presidential contenders, is Mr John Patrick Mbabazi. This is not least or simplistically because they share the initialed name ‘JPM.’ But they have vast experiences in issues of leadership and governance respectively gained under their decades of one-political organization dominance—NRM for Uganda and CCM for Tanzania.

What Magufuli could not perform as a long time serving minister in CCM he now can as a president of Tanzania and Tanzania is happy, so is East Africa and Africa has a continent.

The same; what Mbabazi could not do as a subordinate of Mr Museveni, he will, next year as new president of Uganda—to make all unhappy Ugandans smile, the region proud and Africa move forward.

Obviously, Museveni cannot be a Magufuli. Mbabazi can. Vote for him.

Swaib Kaggwa Nsereko
Party Spokesman, JEEMA
MP Candidate, Busiro North (TDA-U)