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HIT OR MISS? Popular Hot FM Presenter Steps Out Half Nude To Anchor Event! (Photos - +18)

By Glees Models

Where would you classify this outfit or how would you rate the fashion concept exhibited by a popular Abuja radio presenter "Nenny B"?

The stylish Hot FM arresting voice was the cynosure of all eyes at the recent HOT FM Pool Party held at the prestigious Sandralia Hotel, Abuja.

Known for her creative and alluring appearance in public event, Nenny B as she fondly called held the star-studded water party with her swaggish disposition and domineering Sexy presence till the last display.

The high point of the semi- nude display was the point when Abuja popular blogger "AlexReports" stepped up the stage to exchange pleasantries with the Radio goddess. Hmmm, her charming and inviting look obviously distracted the reporter as he gazed curiously.

Fans who beheld the‎ the dramatic scenario had so much to talk about as the picture interprets a different impression of the outspoken Abuja based on air personality