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Do you Believe in the Power of Psychics?

By Melanie Miller
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Do you believe in the power of psychics? I sure do! I have had my palm read by a fortune teller, and only to come to find out, the psychic was correct. I know..I am psychic myself.

One day, while I was at home in my dwelling(I lived at the time)...this figure of a ghost appeared before me. She asked me to help her, and to put the murderer behind bars, the person that had murdered her.

I felt her trying to get inside my body, to occupy it, but I told this ghost, to not do this, as two souls can not occupy the same body.. Then she left my body. About a week later, I was walking and started talking to this woman, it was the deceased woman's mother. We went to her home, and fortunate for her, I had a stack of tarot cards with me. Well...I read my cards and knew the name of the man, that had murdered this young woman. I told this woman that to call the authorities within two days,as the murderer whom murdered her daughter, would find the evidence and discard of it. Well, this lady I met, on the street that day, had called the police and told them where the evidence was, as I had informed this lady where it was, and they found the tennis shoes he had worn on that day, with mud on them plus the knife, still with blood on it. This man had stabbed this woman 75 times, come to find out, at a later date. I had even met this man, as I told this mother, of the daughter, that was murdered to go to this bar, and enter it...with me. We left very soon after that, and I told this woman, that was the man that murdered your daughter. She had a strong feeling, I was right too!

If you believe my story, then good, but if you do not believe my story then may mean you do not believe in the power of psychics. I found a wedding band once, as this man asked me to find it by using my powers, and I told him, to look in his top desk drawer. Needless to say, he found it exactly where I told him, it was at. I have cast spells as well, to help others out as I am a spell caster, and yes, of course a real psychic too. I can find belongings, someone lost, and even once while I was at home, this couple, a man and a woman knocked on my door, and said they could not find their child, that they looked every where. Right away, I knew where she was at, and told them to follow me. I said to them, to call her name outloud and so they did, and the little girl, came running outside and they hugged her, and thanked me. They told me they did not know how I knew where she was at and I told them, " I just knew is all." The woman said that she had a feeling that she should come to me for help...I was glad to of helped this couple and I will always be thankful to the gods for allowing me to know things.

I met someone once that claimed to be psychic and that she had powers but I didn't feel she was being honest, and she wanted me to help her find this bracelet, so I did all I could in my power to find it. I found it alright, but come to find out, it belonged to someone else! I should of told the wearer of the jewelry that it had been stolen by this other person but come to find out, the lady knew all along and retrieved the stolen bracelet. This woman that claimed she was psychic herself said she needed another psychic to help her in finding the lost jewelry and I held fell for it, but now...I know better then to fall for this again!

Well now how do you feel about psychics? Are you a believer or a non-believer? The choice is up to you to make and you alone. No one can force or make you believe in psychics or fortune tellers for this matter. It is up to you...and remember, even if you do not believe this, there is a little magick in all of us and some folks believe we do possess powers beyond our control. I feel psychics, such as myself, can help others out and I do not require payment to help another person(s). I do this free of charge, as I feel some day, someone may help me out as well. Well...I hope you enjoyed reading my short article. Thanks for taking the time to drop on in and read it.

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