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Wey The Ice Block?

By Bola Agboola

When few weeks after Pa. Buhari assumed office as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria we experienced improved electricity supply in Ado Ekiti and by extension Nigeria, I thought within myself that this dudes who purchased PHCN had succeeded in sabotaging former President Jonathan's effort at giving Nigerians stable power supply since it was so obvious that Pa. Buhari hadn't done anything significant to warrant the improvement we experienced within those few weeks after he assumed office.

I could remember I discussed the power improvement with The Special

Assistant to Governor Ayodele Fayose on New Media and Communications,

Lere Olayinka back then and he attributed the improvement to the

rainfall we experienced at that time, he said that is the norm when we

have much water at the dams, I disagreed with him. I told him the

improvement was borne out of the fear that licences granted this

electricity coys may be withdrawn by the new administration if what we

experienced in the past continued.
Days later, the social media space was designed with iced blocks,

beers that broke its bottle and so on, obviously, those on Bubu's side

were happy, they made jest of the Wailers even when Bubu's government

has yet to add a Megawatt to whatever GEJ left behind. Today is the

30th day of October, it's still raining, in fact, it rained so

heavily two days back that am still mopping the rug but electricity

supply in Ado Ekiti has gone bad, bad beyond what we used to have

before Bubu came in. I know there is water in the dam, more water than

we had in June.
Those thoughts that ran through my mind are here again...

Is it that those in charge of electricity has discovered that Pa.

Buhari can only bark and not bite or that a compromise has been

reached to continue to protect this people's interest to our

detriment? The decline is nationwide, not just in my hood. I

sincerely hope Bubu will do something, and quickly too for as it is,

nothing seem to have changed 5 months after.
No one has been jailed for corruption, only PDP stalwarts are being

interrogated by the EFCC while Timipre Sylva, Amaechi and Fashola

moves freely, confirmed penrobbers now confirmed ministers, FERMA no

longer working, our roads has remained where GEJ left it, petrol has

become #100/litre, those who know about the economy said we are in

trouble, Ajaokuta steel factory not yet working, unemployment has not

abated, Boko Haram still killing people in the north, politics apart,

nothing has changed.
Na beg I for just beg Bubu, anyhow wey e be, re enacting that "body

language" that stabilised electricity won't be a bad idea even though

language don become odour, any which way, just give us the block. The

iced block!

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