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Femi Fani-Kayode, Tsetse Flies And An Element Called Ugwu

By Jude Ndukwe
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There is a certain Emmanuel Uchenna Ugwu who has taken to being a voyeur of extra-ordinary intensity as he goes about betraying his obsession for men of steel and character just to create cheap popularity for himself. He has got used to drawing attention to himself by hanging on to the hard earned meritorious image and sterling qualities of kings just to find relevance for himself.

The truth is that without names like Femi Fani-Kayode, who would bother to read an article from an obscure element like Ugwu who obviously is on the payroll of Buhari and Tinubu judging by those he chooses to pick on and make his object of puerile attacks.

That Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has a bloodline of the Fulani should not and will not stop such men of candour from speaking the truth always no matter whose ox is gored. Femi is not a man who is given to denials; he will neither be cowed nor be silenced on any account not to talk of on account of his ethnic affinity. Truth knows no race or colour; truth has the ability to rise beyond bloodlines to land even crushing blows on brothers as long as it serves the purpose of service to humanity. This is one fact that aroused fellows like Ugwu who cower before filthy lucre from shrines adorned with fresh skulls of wailing souls refuse to understand.

No matter how hard the Tinubu’s try, no matter who they buy to do their dirty jobs for them, darkness can never ever overcome light. They will have to first shut the shrill cries of wailing souls coming from their fetish shrines before they can stop people like Fani-Kayode who has given himself up to defend the oppressed and the voiceless everywhere they can be found irrespective of race, colour or tongue. What befuddles people like Ugwu and his paymasters is that the more they think they are attacking Fani-Kayode, the more he finds strength to rise even higher and defend the people or race that needs to be defended and whose cause needs to be advanced.

We all know why Fani-Kayode has become the easy pick of our political hawks and vultures. They still find it extremely difficult to come to terms that he is the one who stood them face to face, eyeball to eyeball, punctured all their lies and half-truths and exposed their ill will disguised as electoral promises to Nigerians. It was him who exposed the retrogressive and divisive tendencies of the APC when he raised the alarm about the Muslim/Muslim presidential ticket to be floated by the party at the last presidential election. His alarm worked, and against their calculations, they reluctantly jettisoned the idea as the uproar created by it jolted the APC and they dropped the ill-advised venture.

He exposed as lies, empty, vain and banal, the campaign promises of the party, and 5 months down the line, he is justified as our economy has been stymied. All the lofty promises of the APC campaign has either been disowned or denied even by the president.

Rather than vilify him, Fani-Kayode should be hailed as a modern day political prophet of our time who sees through the lies and deceits of liars and deceivers and is not one not to proclaim them as such even from the mountaintops.

It is quite mischievous that Ugwu has dwelt so much on Fani-Kayode’s description of criminal Fulani herdsmen as tsetse flies labouring so hard to make Femi look like a racist. For the records and given Femi’s upbringing, he is not one to be racist. A racist is usually fixated on his opinions about certain set(s) of people and does not change his opinions about them even if reason dictates so. But Femi has always proven over time that his business is not where anyone comes from, rather, his business is to protect, speak up and fight for the downtrodden whether they are from Abakaliki, Oshogbo, Sokoto, Lokoja, Damaturu or Otuoke. This is why, depending on who is the oppressor and the oppressed, Fani-Kayode has had cause to make friends among the Hausa/Fulani and hailed his lineage from that stock just the same way he has done among the Igbo, Yoruba, Ijaw etc hailing their intrinsic qualities at one time or the other the same way he has had reasons to engage them all at one time or the other in a battle of opinions, wits and intellectual debate. He has had reasons to strongly disagree with the Oba of Lagos, a king from his own stock, in defence of the Igbo; he has had cause to hail his Fulani heritage, and he defended and stuck out his neck for former president Jonathan, an Ijaw. So, on what ground would anyone whose learning is not a waste of resources, accuse this man whom many see as a hero, of racism?

The use of the word tsetse flies to describe criminal Fulani herdsmen has been deliberately twisted to mean a description for all Fulani. But this is far from the truth. Like the blood sucking insect, Fani-Kayode was only being metaphorical in his expression to describe the Fulani herdsmen involved in blood-letting. It is these ones that Fani-Kayode advocated that should be arrested and taken away from their host communities they so much terrorise. To say anything further than this is just an adventure of extreme wickedness.

So, when next beggarly Emmanuel Uchenna Ugwu is approached by his godfathers to do such dirty jobs as he has been paid to do, let him remember to tell them that the man they cannot defeat, Femi Fani-Kayode, is operating at the highest frequency level farther, higher and above all of them put together and that he cannot be stopped.

Jude Ndukwe
[email protected]
Twitter: @stjudendukwe

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