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46 Things You Must Know About Agatha Amata

18 years ago when the Delta-born TV presenter, Agatha Amata founded inside-Out Media Limited. Little did many know that Agatha Amata would someday own both TV and Radio stations in Nigeria? She found her passion in TV presentation and never gave up despite many daunting challenges of life.

Inside-Out Media Limited with Agatha Amata started in 1997 with her skinny stature but she continued to update her audience with societal values by involving in youthful discussion. The success of Inside-Out Media Limited started with a process to limelight.

Agatha Amata was born on November 4, 1969 to a humble family of civil servant but lost her father in her tender age. Her virtuous mother was able to see 8 of them (siblings) through the university education. She owns Rave TV and Trend 100.9FM.If you must toe the path of Inside-Out media Limited with Agatha Amata, you must be ready to add creativity,experience,passion and dedication to work. There are 46 things you must know about this Nigerian TV goddess (Agatha Amata)

1. Agatha Amata is a woman of passion.
2. She started Inside-Out Media Limited with focus.

3. She is the most consistent TV presenter in Nigeria.

4. She is not a freak woman when it comes to entertainment stardom.

5. She respects African culture.
6. You hardly see Agatha Amata dresses half-naked in public.

7. She is a proud mother of two.
8. Inside-Out Media Limited has provided a veritable platform for many youths to discover their passion in life.

9. She does not react to negative publications against her than taking solace in positive things of life.

10. Agatha Amata is a humble woman to the core.
11. She does not entertain gossip of people than putting intelligence to work.

12. She is a philanthropic presenter.
13. She owns one of the most viewed Soap Opera (White House) in Major Nigerian TV stations.

14. Agatha Amata is one intelligent woman that Nigerians must admire in life.

15. She gives her best to her passion.
16. She wants others below her to grow in their careers.

17. She hardly forgets those that started with her in life.

18. She is a well-disciplined Nigerian woman.
19. She is a creative writer.
20. She has a formidable NGO called Foundation for Effective Socio-Economic Change in Africa that empowers widows and less privileged ones.

21. Her financial input is felt in every Inside-Out fan especially those that are closer to her.

22. Any dedicated Inside-Out member that wants to marry in life, Agatha Amata must contribute 30 percent financial support to such celebration.

23. She is a publisher of the Real Inside-Out Magazine.

24. She does not play with her work
25. Even as a CEO, she is punctual to work.
26. Her yearly youth conference has created impact on the average Nigerian youth.

27. Inside-Out with Agatha has proffered solutions to national and local issues.

28. She respects people with their callings.
29. She does not talk down on people.
30. She honours peoples ‘programmes with passion.

31. Agatha Amata has a footprint in the entertainment industry.

32. She does not settle for less in life.
33. She has put professionalism and integrity into Inside-Out Media Limited.

34. She has won many awards through Inside-Out media Limited.

35. She does not employ on sentiment but creativity and passion.

36. Inside-Out Agatha has made many young Nigerian Entertainers.

37. It is a platform that prepares someone for a better tomorrow in life.

38. She welcomes new idea into Inside-Out family.
39. She is a good public speaker to the core.
40. She values peoples’ time in life.
41. You hardly see Inside-out management staff trekking to work.

42. Every senior and junior management staff of Inside-Out is entitled to a car.

43. She has the longest TV talk show in Africa and Nigeria

44. She separates business from family affairs.
45. Agatha Amata is a proud owner of Rave TV and Trend 100.9FM stations.

46. Agatha Amata is a woman of substance and modesty in vision.

46 years of Agatha Amata is not 46 days on earth but she has able to build a formidable foundation for the growing Nigerian youth through Inside-Out Media Limited. Once again, happy birthday in advance to our only jewel of the Nigerian youth.

Godday Odidi
Social Media Analyst/Mindset Media Limited

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Godday Odidi and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

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