I0 Most Successful Isoko Entrepreneurs And Philanthropists In Nigeria

Few years ago, Isoko nation was never reckoned with in any political leadership except the teaching and pastoral professions until late 90s when Isoko people started venturing into competitive professions with added values. Isoko is the third largest ethnic group in Delta State and one of the most oil producing communities in Niger Delta. Today, Isoko people are largely in the journalism and legal professions, especially the electronic media and others. Entrepreneurial leadership has been embraced by large numbers of highly trained Isoko people in Nigeria.

Even though Isoko region is marginalized in Delta State leadership and otherwise, great entrepreneurs with integrity are emerging from the region on daily basis. They have largely employed Nigerians into their various companies and their philanthropic gestures are felt in Isoko region. These 10 successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists are not just business people only but they have also helped to develop Isoko nation in their respective careers.

Those successful Isoko entrepreneurs who have decided to be unreachable should know that their earthly wealth will only fade out in time to come if they failed to impact Isoko people. Nobody ever came to this world with wealth and nobody will die with wealth. God has used these Isoko entrepreneurs to create jobs for both graduates and non graduates of Isoko people. These are the lists of Isoko entrepreneurs with integrity.

1. His Excellency Chief Immanuel Emoefe is the Managing Director of Portplus Limited, well-known Marine Company dealing with both Nigeria and foreign countries. This Company has created thousands of jobs for Nigerians and Isoko people. His Company has built intellectual integrity among Nigeria and foreign clients over the years. In 2012, Chief Emoefe donated #10,000 million relief materials to Isoko flood victims without stress. The Ikpide- Irri born entrepreneur knows what it takes to run a successful business in Nigeria. He remains the most successful entrepreneur ever produced in Isokoland.He also had his MSC in Political Science from the University of Lagos. He is married to a beautiful wife and blessed with children.

2. Mr Jeta Amata is one Isoko renowned movie producer who has taken Isoko nation to the Promised Land. Isoko today is being aired on National Television stations over Isoko youthful development of the act. The Amatas have decided to make Isoko Nollywood act as a sought after in Africa where Isoko youths are now trained on 21st century movie act. The presence of the Amatas is felt in Isoko without qualms. No kind of Nigerian movie that Isoko people cannot act now in the country. He is happily married and blessed with children.

3. The Erijo Family has made mark in the Nigerian movie industry and decided to set up a movie academy to train young Isoko people for the act in Isokoland.70 percent of Isoko youths can act national films without hesitation. Chief Zeb Erijo(OON) must be commended for taken Isoko nation to a greater height. Not huge amount of money in your bank account that makes you a successful entrepreneur but the massive impacts make in Isoko that matters which Chief Erijo has done in Isoko over the years.

4. Chief Adano Benson is the Managing Director of Adano Engineering Construction Company Limited. He is one of the big-time Isoko entrepreneurs that have credibility in business. He deals on building of Tank farms and other oil and gas constructions both Nigeria and abroad. He is one of the renowned engineering construction companies in Nigeria.Adano Engineering Construction Company has become a household name in the oil and gas sector.

5. Chief Steve Ageh is the Managing Director of 2075 Guest House located at Festac town and well-known trained chartered accountant. He is from Olomoro kingdom in Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta. He has travelled far and wide and has become one of the successful entrepreneurs cum politician in Nigeria. He has used his company to employ large numbers of Isoko people in Nigeria. He is a man that has intellectual integrity to the core. He is one of the prominent Isoko politicians recognised by Lagos State Government. He is the present first Vice President of Lagos Isoko Development Union (IDU).He is blessed with lovely children.

6. Mr Godwin Edegwa is the Managing Director of Trans Oceana Maritime Limited. He has used his company to employ handful numbers of Isoko people and one of the noble philanthropists ever birthed in the land. He remains an Isoko notable maritime expert in Nigeria. He hails from Owhelogbo in Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State. He is happily married and blessed with children.

7. Prince Frank Egbodo is the Managing Director of twin companies, Frandys Investment Limited and Charimela Investment Limited. His company deals on foreign security doors and high class kitchen utensils. He has greatly impacted on the lives of Isoko musicians by single-handedly sponsoring their musical videos in Nigeria.

8. Mr Goodluck Orie is the Managing Director of Goosarah Hotel Limited and one of the fast-growing Isoko entrepreneurs in Lagos doing credible things for Isoko nation. He is humble and always available to help every Isoko son or daughter that comes across him. He has made a mark in the hospitality business in Nigeria. His entrepreneurial skill is worthy to be emulated to the core.

9. Engineer Comrade Solomon Okpithe is the Managing Director of Enawo Ventures Limited and a trained oil and gas expert. He has used his influence to employ large numbers of Isoko people into different oil and gas companies in Nigeria. He is a trained community leader with integrity. He is the present Lagos Isoko Development Union second Vice President and President of Ozoro Progress Union (OPU).He is happily married and blessed with children.

10. Mr Blessyn Okpowo is one renowned journalist that started his career from the Vanguard newspaper until God gave him a single-digit breakthrough and today, his philanthropic gesture is worthy to be emulated. The Idheze-Irri born philanthropist has created a name for himself in all ramifications. He has used his influence in the society to help many Isoko people. He is happily married to Florence Okpowo and blessed with children.

Godday Odidi
Social Media Analyst/Mindset Media Limited

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