Yar’Adua’s Presidency Over; President Is Brain Dead

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San Francisco, Jan 9, (THEWILL) - As earlier reported by THEWILL two weeks ago, Nigeria's President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua who had suffered a stroke at the King Faisal hospital is reportedly brain dead but the President's kitchen cabinet continues its aggressive ploy aimed at keeping the ailing Umaru Musa Yar'Adua in power at all cost. The president continues to lay helpless on a hospital bed in a VIP suite at the King Faisal hospital in Jeddah.

Last week the group floated a lie that the ailing President called three top government leaders including the Vice President. Inside sources say the President has not made any phone calls since his evacuation from Abuja. What happened was that someone placed a call from the President's phone to the three leaders but the caller did not have any conversations with the listeners.

A reliable source confided in THEWILL that the Vice President accepted that he got a call from the President just to protect the Presidency. Recall that Prof. Dora Akunyili, Nigeria's information Minister announced that the Vice President informed ministers at the Federal Executive Council meeting that the President called but said the VP did not give the details of their conversation. The fact is that there was no conversation in the first place hence he could not give them details.

The group has been putting pressure on some governors especially Kwara State governor and chairman of the Governor's Forum, Bukola Saraki, who is also nursing a presidential ambition to sell the dummy to his colleague that he had a word too with the President. Also recall it was Bukola who lied to Nigerians at the wake of the President's hospitalization in Jeddah that they met with him at the hospital, a tale which we have confirmed to be false.

The talk that the president is also recovering is another lie that the group has been feeding Nigerians through politicians especially the Nigerian ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Alhaji Abdullah Aminchi. The ambassador has been singing the President's recovery like a broken record even before he was admitted at the hospital.

The kitchen cabinet continues to play its hide and seek with Nigerians over the President's health. On Wednesday an official of the King Faisal hospital told the BBC last that the President was no longer at the facility but ambassador Aminchi countered saying the President was at the VIP section of the hospital. The alleged signing of the 2009 Supplementary Budget is another scam that the group has been trying to sell to Nigerians without any success. THEWILL and a cross section of Nigerians have repeatedly called on the Presidency to show us proof to no avail.

Recall that in 2007 during his presidential campaign when the President collapsed and was speculated to have died, president Olusegun Obasanjo called him and put him on speakerphone to debunk the reports of his death, but the Presidency has refused to do the same because like we earlier reported the President is still in intensive care at the hospital.

The Obasanjo led PDP Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet this week to discuss his present condition.

The House of Representatives will also meet on Tuesday to deliberate on the president's health.

The PDP governors will also meet to deliberate too.

Whatever they decide, Nigerians must be told the truth; The President's brain is damaged and can no longer take decisions for Nigerians.

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