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Buhari Wants Global Military Actions Against ISIL, Boko Haram I thank Pre


sident Obama for organising this important meeting. The timing

is appropriate and the subject matter warrants our close attention. The

threats posed by ISIL in the Middle East, and violent extremism elsewhere,

are an existential danger to many States.
2.    ISIL is a serious threat to international peace and security and

should be treated as such. There can be no half measures or expedient

solutions in dealing with terrorists and extremists.

3.    They respect no laws, and have no regard to the sanctity of lives

and property. They operate outside law and must be seen for what they are

and dealt with appropriately.
Mr. Chairman,
4.    Given that the acceptance process for recruits into the ranks of

ISIL involves rigorous vetting and screening as well as sponsorship known

as “tazkiya”; our expectation was that the demanding enlistment process

coupled with the legal framework instituted by the United Nations would

stem the tide of their flow. Apparently this is not yet happening.

Mr. Chairman,
5.    The increase in violence and terrorism by ISIL and other groups has

enticed and emboldened insurgent groups in Africa to pledge allegiance to

gain local traction. The Boko Haram terrorist group, operating in the Lake

Chad Basin area, which is currently on the Al-Qaida sanctions list,

pledged its allegiance to ISIL in March 2015.
6.    While we believe that Boko Haram action is an indication of the

weakening operational capability of the group, it could also suggest that

it was a strategic move to attract foreign fighters into its fold, and

obtain assistance from ISIL. Certainly, whatever the reason was for the

declaration of allegiance, one thing is certain: Boko Haram terrorist

group wants to be drawn into the centre stage of global terrorism.

7.            This development has led not only to a shift in strategy,

but also to changes in ideology, recruitment and propaganda methods by

Boko Haram. Its recourse to mass executions and public beheadings in the

style of ISIL became notoriously widespread after the declaration of

8.            We also note that sub-Saharan Africa has been receiving

special attention for purposes of radicalization and incitement. In the

April 2015 Edition of the IS magazine, “DABIQ” entitled ‘Shariah Alone

Will Rule Africa’ , Boko Haram was congratulated for “joining the caravan”

of jihad, saying that they would “now guard yet another frontier of the

Khilafah [caliphate]”.  Boko Haram is neither protecting nor promoting

Islam. Islam is the religion of peace and does not advocate the killing of

the innocent.
9.            Furthermore, capitalizing on historic ethnic tensions and

upheavals in Africa, ISIL is making vigorous recruitment campaigns and

strident efforts to expand into some communities in the Sahel region.

Indeed, ISIL operations have lent credence to the supposition that

terrorism and violent extremism are the two sides of the same coin.

Mr. Chairman,
10.          Nigeria notes with satisfaction the efforts of the United

Nations and the rest of the international community to contain ISIL. We

certainly need to do more. We need to take military action combined with

effective border security, intelligence collection and sharing, and

vigorous policing action.
11.          These alone may not suffice, but they can certainly stem the

tide and reverse the process of recruitment, movement and effective

operation of foreign terrorist fighters and their associated radical

extremists. In order to put in place the critical components of an

effective approach to countering ISIL and eventually defeating it, we must

address the threat from the source.
12.          We must find a way to prevent young people from turning to

terror in the first place. And the young people that turn to violent

extremism do not exist in a vacuum – they are often part of communities

and families and are lured into the fold of barbaric and nihilistic

organizations, somehow, through a misguided appeal to their worst fears,

expectations and apparent frustrations.
Mr Chairman,
13.          While addressing the causes of this attraction and how to

deal with them, we should pay close attention to other manifest factors

that may not be tangible but can be crucial. Good governance, which

entails transparency, accountability and rule of law, remains the basis on

which we should kick-start the process of ridding the world of the menace

of terrorism and violent extremism.
14.  The international community will be required to work together to

deter and disrupt illicit financial flows from nations with weak

anti–theft structures to other parts of the world.
15.          Where such funds are identified, the victim State should be

assisted to recover them expeditiously. Mr Chairman, you have yourself

observed that “groups like al-Qa'ida and ISIL exploit the anger that

festers when people feel that injustice and corruption leave them with no

chance of improving their lives.”
Mr Chairman,
16.          Member States need to address local socio-economic

grievances by formulating policies that would ensure broad-based

transformation through job creation, equalization of opportunities and

expanding access to social services.
17.          We in Africa need also rededicate ourselves to uphold the

mandate of the African Union Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) and other good

governance initiatives that we have adopted in our region, to encourage

conformity with political, economic and corporate governance values.

Mr. Chairman,
18.          The Secretary-General of the United Nations noted in

February 2015, we are facing the “the greatest test our human family faces

in the 21st century”. Thus, all options must be explored and all hands

must be on deck in the quest for a durable and a lasting panacea to the

threat posed by ISIL, Al-Qaida, Boko Haram and the like.

Thank you for your attention.
President Mohammadu Buhari
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