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Plots To Blackmail Etim Ekpo T’chairman, Emman Ekon, Enoidem Uncover.....“Don’t Mind Them, They Can’t Put Us At Loggerheads”—Godson Uwah

By Our Corresponding Reporter
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The infantile plots by some elements in the society to put the trio of Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Ekon, the Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Mr. Emmanuel Enoidem and the transition Chairman of Etim Ekpo Local Government Area, Hon. Godson Uwah at loggerheads, may have been aborted and terminated abruptly.

Our Reporter gathered that, some propagandists, who feel threatened by the cordial relationship that exist between the transition chairman, Hon. Godson Uwah and the Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Mr. Emmanuel Enoidem have on several occasions, tried in futility to draw the council boss, into the murky water of politics.

A source, who disclosed this, to our correspondent, said that, few propagandists, over the weekend, after failed attempt to cast mud on the trio, concocted another blackmail gambit, alleging that, the Transition Chairman manhandled an aide to Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Ekon, during a ceremony in Etim Ekpo.

The latest tricks, according to our informant, is to ensure that, Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Ekon, who represent Abak Federal Constituency, draws battle line with the transition chairman and thereafter escalate it to the Commerce Commissioner.

“Those Emmanuel Ekon boys do not like the Transition Chairman, simply because he is transparent, open and accountable. Another reason, why they hate him, is that, he identifies with the governor and the Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, thus, as a result of that, they view him as a threat and try as much as possibly to blackmail him, in the media and before the government of the day.

“Last month, the same people that, deliberately sent a bulk sms alleging that, Godson Uwah accused his predecessor of leaving an empty treasury, are the same people that, fabricated that juvenile message, which indicted the Chairman of fighting with the Emmanuel Ekon’s aide in an event.

“They are trying to put Godson and Ekon at loggerheads, thereafter; they will try and escalate it to the Commerce and Industry Commissioner that is their gambit. It is of no use, whether they like Godson face or not, he is their Chairman at least for now, thus, Emmanuel Ekon shouldn’t allow his aides to tarnish his proven and tested integrity.” The Source whispered.

Responding, Enobong Obosi, a native of Etim Ekpo, who also attended the naming ceremony, where the aborted blackmail was fabricated, described the allegation as childish, fact less and senseless, urging aides to Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Ekon, to shun raising false alarm.

“I was there at Hon. Abasiono Udoudung’s house where the alleged blackmail was originated. The Chairman didn’t have any fisticuff with anybody. He only praised the governor and urged Etim Ekpo indigenes to emulate the virtues of the State Chief Executive of the state. It is vivid, that, Ekon aide, who, I am told, has a soft spot for APC, was annoyed by the manner the Chairman exonerated the governor, as such, ranted and urged the chairman to keep quiet, and wait for the outcome of the re-run election.

“The Chairman quietly ignored him, I think, such maturity may have warranted him, to proffer another means of bringing the Chairman’s image down. He was furious, I may not know, if he was sent to disrupt the meeting.

“As soon as I read the bulk sms alleging that, the chairman fought, with Emmanuel Ekon’s aide, I knew, it was the handiwork of blackmailers. To me, it is too infantile, childish and baseless for someone to venture into such fruitless blackmail” He posited.

In a telephone conversation, Ubong Affia an aide to the MP for Abak Federal Constituency refused to say, why he was allegedly beaten by the Council Chairman, but said that, people are fond of describing his boss, Emmanuel Ekon, as self-centered, selfish and unproductive.

He stressed that, he was on the verge of ensuring that, his lawyer petitions people for accusing his boss wrongly.

The Transition Chairman, Hon. Godson Uwah, while reacting to the allegation, said that, it was the figment of writer’s imagination, noting that, there was no cause for alarm in Etim Ekpo.

“Don’t mind some elements in our society, who are trying to bring down the proven and tested integrity of political office holders. I am aware of the blackmail, and I don’t always comment on issues bereave of facts and tangible prove. What should have made a public office holder to fight in a public? My brother, this is the 11th blackmail I have encountered since I became the transition chairman of the area.

“I am not here to join issues with blackmailers, I am here to join in actualizing the agenda of the governor, so don’t be surprised, very soon, they will come up with another version of blackmail.” He hoped.

It will be recalled that, Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Ekon, had sometimes ago, instigated the manhandling of a two-term member of Akwa IBom State House of Assembly in Etim Ekpo, during a burial ceremony of the latter’s colleague mother in law.