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“I've Gotten SSS in my pocket," Umana Umana Confesses to Supporters

By Inibehe Udosen
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It has now been confirmed that the recent invasion of the Akwa Ibom State government house by a detachment of men from the State Security Services was at the instance of Mr Umana Umana, the former APC governorship candidate in the concluded governorship elections.

Umana who is quoted as boasting to his followers on Friday that he has the DSS is in his "pocket" and could always send them for any errand to ‘rubbish’ the Udom Emmanuel –led government.

Umana who reportedly slaughtered a cow shortly after the close of defense by INEC in the governorship petitions tribunal, was seen trying to console his wife, Florence, who wept and prayed frantically amidst the few heads of supporters that visited them at his home in Abuja.

Sounding voluble and utterly expansive amidst the free flow of beer and brandy, Umana was heard telling a top operative of his campaign organizationn Abuja that he has bought the entire leadership of the agency and effectively compromised their capacity to be independent or neutral.

"They do my bidding and I have them in my pocket. You don't spend the kind of money I have spent on them, and you don't demand loyalty. I was the one that asked them to invade Akwa Ibom Government House, and told them to say they had found those caches of arms and US dollars,” Umana told his APC faithful.

Inibehe Udosen, Abuja