Buhari Is Not Pursuing Northernization Agenda, But Islamization Agenda: Rejoinder On Senator Femi Okurounmu Sunday Sun Interview, September 6, 2015 Pages 17 – 19

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The general delusion people notice for not knowing or understanding islam is the reason why they talk the way they talk. People from the free world, that is, non islamic world suppose islam is a simple religion that allows you to reason and act on your conscience, and so, they suppose that: (1) a muslim head of state is the same as a non muslim head of state of a (2) a democratic head of state is the same as a muslim head of state.

Clearing the Misconception
The eternal truth is that (1) isalmic is a total way of life of the god of islam called allah (2) islam does not believe in democracy, not because it does not want to, but because democracy as a system of government is, 100%, anti islam (3) islam never means and can never mean peace.

(A) islam is a total way of life to please allah. islam never and cannot mean peace. Follow me to Koran (quoran) 2 verse 135 – 136. islam “we believe in, allah, and unto him we have surrendered”. Hence the true meaning of islam is “surrender” to allah. the key word is “surrender”. And as a religion of surrendering to allah, it is a forceful religion. Ask a muslim what is jihad and how do you practice jihad? A muslim is one who has surrendered to allah. No surrender is by free will submission, but by force. So islam is a religion of force, not and never peace as claimed. If islam is peace, then what is war?

(B) islam is not democratic because it does not believe in freedom of conscience. Man is a free moral agent says democracy. But islam says that man is not free to think of himself but what allah says in Koran. So, islam and democracy are parallel lines. Now see this: there are 3 people in one country M1, M2 and M3. M1 belongs to Christian religion; M2 belongs to islam while M3 belongs to idol worship.

M2 cannot relate with M1
M2 cannot relate with M3
But M1 can relate with M3 but does not believe in M3’s religion. Only M1 and M3 practice Democracy because both can interact without bringing in religion. islam cannot be democratic because islam does not believe in free moral agency of man which is the bedrock of democracy.

(C) islam means “surrender to allah as we have seen in Koran 2: 135 your surrender by force and shear force which is the meaning of jihad. At no time, no where in Koran is islam meaning peace. Quote the page as I have quoted above. islam means “surrender” and can never mean anything else.

So anything a muslim does whether he is a head of state and President like Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria or a shoe shiner and repaizer like the one staying barred isalm quarters, aim is to make you convert to islam by force. Where they cannot use physical force against you, they frustrate your efforts where they are in position to do so as Buhari is.

So, Senator Femi Okurounmis in Sunday sub September 6, 2015 page 17 – 19 said (1) “We warned Tinubu about Buhari” (2) Buhari’s mission are Northernization, Propaganda and Jonathan (3) National confab: there may be rebellion.

First, Tinubu is a muslim and all muslims believe that the will of allah is supreme and that everything happening is the will of allah. So Tinubu cannot regret at last because he cannot, no matter what, prefer a Christian Leader to Buhari an arch muslim.

Second, Buhari’s Mission is not Northernization as we have been explaining above, BUT simply put, islamization which is the call to duty of every muslim. Check the list of appointments in the North, how many are Christians. The secretary to the Government of the Federation is a “Christian”. Then in the midst of these 99%, of all other kitchen cabinet appointments who are Northerners are muslims. What do you say? SGF from Adamawa is a sacrificial lamb to hang all Northern Christians in the slaughter of deprivation. If you talk, they SGF is a Christian. That is islam for you. If you think that Buhari will change, you are 100%, wrong and do not know how islam operates. islamization is the game, not Northernization.

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