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President Buhari's Recent Appointments Ok Says APC USA International Secretariat Francis John And Prof. Isa Odidi

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The purpose of this press release is to present the true position of Nigerians in diaspora regarding the recent appointments by the President Muhammadu Buhari. Truth be told, Nigerians in Diaspora see PMB’s recent appointments as helping to maintain a balanced equilibrium in the overall balanced equation of Nigerians serving in PMB’s government.

A cursory look will show that President Muhammadu Buhari in making these appointments took merit and not tribe, religion or political affiliation into consideration. We should not lose sight of the “raison d'être” for making these appointments. These appointments were Buhari’s personal staff, positions which are too strategic and important to be left to partisanship alone.

We on behalf of well-meaning Nigerians in Diaspora would like to reiterate our support for President Muhammadu Buhari’s stellar choices and to disassociate Nigerians in diaspora and ourselves from the recent insinuation in the press that “Nigerians In Diaspora Condemn Buhari's Recent Appointments, Allege Nepotism - Global Village”. We call on the Buhari’s administration to ignore such sponsored, baseless and sensational headlines and stay the course in its well defined plan to put Nigeria on a strong footing.

For the first time in our nation’s history we see a leader who is making appointments not based on parochialism but on the basis of fielding competent, honest and visionary individuals, who unlike what we have witnessed in the past will put the country and its citizen’s interests first in carrying out their obligations and mandate. This being said knowing Buhari’s love for all sections of Nigeria we are confident that he will run a balanced government.

We also want to reemphasize that contrary to views expressed in certain quarters by disgruntled elements PMB’s recent appointments was not done to disfavour the south, instead they help to maintain a balanced equilibrium. It is a well-known fact that not less than 30 key positions in the federal government are currently being held by Nigerians who are not of Northern extraction. A mention of some of these key appointments under the present administration occupied by Nigerians from the south will suffice here:

Finance sector- 1) the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, chairman, 2) Federal Inland Revenue, 3) chairman, Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission, 4) DG of Bureau of Public Procurement , 5) CEO of Nigerian Stock Exchange, and 6) MD of Sovereign Investment Commission.

Oil Sector- 1) group managing director of NNPC, 2) Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), 3) Special Assistant on Niger Delta, 4) Director General of National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency.

Security- 1) chief of defense staff, 2) chief of naval staff, 3) inspector general of police and 4) comptroller general of prisons.

Others are 1) the Director General, National Youth Service Corps, 2) Director General of Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation, 3) CEO of Nigeria Metrological Agency, 4) Chairman of NPC, 5) DG of NIMC, and 6) DG of Standards Organization of Nigeria.

Following from the above observations, we want to take this opportunity to remind Nigerians that the exercise of appointing key government officials in a nation state especially given the precarious situation inherited by PMB’s administration is going to have to be a dynamic and continuous process. We therefore call on Nigerians to be patient and await the conclusion of the series of appointments yet to be made.

Signed APC USA International Secretariat.
Francis John
Prof. Isa Odidi

2015-09-02 060357