President Buhari, Please Send A Very Strong Message To Politicians, The Nigerian People, And International Investors By Not Appointing Any Politician To Your Cabinet Of Ministers

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Dear President Buhari,
I commend you highly for your efforts to curb corruption that has brought the nation's socio-economy to its knees. This horrendous vice has brought untold hardship and misery to millions of Nigerians, especially to the most vulnerable in the country: the poor, the elderly, the sick, the disabled, and the youth.

I urge you to send a very strong message to politicians, the Nigerian people, and international investors about your resolve to end corruption in government, a scourge and a blight on the nation, by not appointing any politician to your cabinet.

Instead, please appoint your ministers from credible and competent people with character from all works of life in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. Please choose people who find corruption distasteful, nauseating, obnoxious, immoral, and repugnant.

Diaspora Nigerians for many years have contributed sacrificially to the economy of the country through their annual cash remittances to Nigeria that are of a magnitude comparable to the federal budget.

Diaspora Nigerians who are competent and capable, and who abhor and despise corruption, will bring vigour, vitality, new ideas, and fresh insights into governance from the wealth of their experiences overseas

that will be of benefit to Nigeria.
Please consider appointing Diaspora Nigerians into many, and up to one-half, of your cabinet positions. They and other non-political cabinet ministers will join you and your deputy to give Nigeria a fresh start after many years of feeble, feckless, and failed leadership of career politicians.

I strongly recommend this as a strategy to strengthen the signal you are sending that there is now a new era of statesmanship, selflessness, and sacrificial service to humanity in public service in Nigeria. This will strengthen, secure, and sustain our sovereignty.

Thank you very much.
Abitunde Taiwo.

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