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I Can’t Marry Poor Man—Upcoming Actress, Jesse Bako

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood thespian, Nazareth Jesse Bako, has told Vanguard the type of man she would love to get married to.

According to the actress, many men have been begging her with marriage proposals, but at the moment, she has no time for any of them.

Bako said she wants a God-fearing and matured man as husband, noting that she also prefers a ready-made man who would be able take care for needs and children. To her, she abhors a poor man.

She said, “A man who is God-fearing and mature in heart and also caring. Once you have a man who loves God every other thing is secondary. There is nothing like a poor man in my diary. They will go for their class of women.

“I want to marry a ready-made man. I was not born to suffer all my life. I have tried to get to where I am; so, settling down would be resting and giving birth to my kids and taking good care of them.”