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Delta Election Tribunal Update: PDP Rigging Supremacy Since 1999 And The End Of A Political Dark Era In Delta State

Source: Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, Dr.
Olorogun Otega Emerhor Displays INEC Fake Election Result Sheet During A National Press Conference Immediately After The Elections In April
Olorogun Otega Emerhor Displays INEC Fake Election Result Sheet During A National Press Conference Immediately After The Elections In April
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The political drum beat in Delta State changed rhythm on August 17 as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its inglorious candidate cum Caretaker Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa introduced another crooked technical escape route to delay the commencement of trial of the substantive matter before the Justice Nasiru Gunmi tribunal.

The bone of contention is the extra witnesses that the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its governorship candidate, Olorogun Otega Emerhor intends to call to the witness box to further prove the facts in issue at the tribunal. PDP lead counsel, Dr. Alex Iziyon, SAN brought strategic exparte motions seeking to know the identity and background of the four additional witnesses to enable his legal team cook up some technical defense.

It will be recalled that the Respondents (PDP/Okowa) challenged the ruling of Justice Gunmi which is to the effect that the legal permutations put forward by PDP/Okowa should be taken along with the substantive matter at the full blown trial. But alas the respondents approached the Court of Appeal, Benin Division, to quash the said ruling. It turned out that APC legal team knew more procedural laws than the three Senior Advocates of Nigeria pushing for the petition of the petitioner to be killed prematurely in favour of the caretaker Governor of Delta State. They failed at the Court of Appeal.

Here we are; the same legal team of the PDP/Okowa sneaking under another technical ground to suffocate the commencement of the trial so as to buy time and probably strangulate the course of justice. I think that PDP and its associates who have been rigging elections in Delta State since 1999 seem not to realize that the game is up. Thanks to a tribunal made up of credible justices who are determined never to be intimated and caged by worthless technical loopholes.

The history of election rigging by the PDP in Delta State is frustrating. A certain cabal of political vampires came together to unleash pains, poverty, economic misery and gross underdevelopment on the good people of Delta State. Key among the members of the cabal is the caretaker Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa popularly known in the election rigging cult as EKWEME of PDP political family. He is a dreaded and heartless politician.

History has it that Okowa controls a ruthless network which in time past and during the 2015 general elections unleashed pains and agony on those who dare to challenge his political supremacy in the Anioma nation, particularly the Ika political axis. Some Anioma political activists have since fled the State to foreign land for fear of been sent to their early grave. For those in exile, the fear of EKWEME is the beginning of wisdom.

It was made known in the social media recently that Okowa's Principal Private Secretary is the dreaded Squad Commander who recruited and trained the BLACK FINGERS for the Okowa political empire. The analysis of this young man activity went virile recently on social media and he was unable to provide useful or convincing defense that the news about his activities does not represent his person and character.

Fejiro Oliver’s TATAFO championed the revelation at a time when he was battling with Okowa to be settled for the media hype he did for the caretaker Governor during his campaign. He succeeded. Fejiro was settled with some millions, a Prado Jeep and a Toyota Hilux (as admitted in one of his post on facebook) and TATAFO facebook page died a natural death.

Fejiro is smart and Okowa gave in. At the moment, F.O is dancing naked on social media. He’s gone Banana. It is now obvious that he is suffering from intellectual insanity. He needs urgent medical attention before the gift from Okowa finally crashes his mental being.

In all of PDP’s alleged victories since 1999, Deltans cried out but to no avail. They opened up the state treasury to engage the best legal experts in the land. They went about with well stocked Ghana Must Go bags full of local and foreign currencies to thwart and pervert the course of justice. Delta State treasury suffered most as the state funds running into billions of Naira were deployed to stabilize the PDP criminals in power.

They looted, they celebrated and they smiled to both local and foreign banks to starch away our commonwealth. PDP in Delta State left a debt of over N800 billion on May 29, this year. One after the other, they must be punished and sent to jail for promoting poverty, unemployment and acute mental torture for our people.

Emerhor’s struggles to free Deltans and the State from economic slavery gave birth to the political philosophy of OTEGABILITY CHANGE which has spread like wild fire across the state. This is the problem of PDP. Emerhor’s political sagacity is drying up the political blood stream and breaking the spinal cord of PDP professional election riggers in Delta State.

PDP election riggers are running from pillar to post. Their top federal connections that supported and encouraged their rigging strategies are no more. The party is now an orphan, no Dad and no MUM which is why their rigging potentials has begin to suffer a big blow occasioned by CARD READERS exposition, material evidence and Deltans will be the greatest beneficiaries when justice is fully dispensed without fear or favour.

Trial of the substantive matter will soon commence and Thursday this week will mark another milestone in our electioneering legal tussle. For real, PDP rigging supremacy in Delta State has come to an end as a new era of progressive politics begins.

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