How Femi Fani-Kayode Slept With His Mother – Ex Wife Revealed

By The Nigerian Voice
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The ex wife of Fani Fani-kayode, Yemisi Wada opens can of worms on the dirty past of the former aviation minister. She alleged in her lengthy but intresting piece that Femi’s Dad once caught him grinding his mom on bed and placed curse on him.

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The Truth About FFK: Yemisi Wada’s Camp Rips Femi Fani-Kayode Apart

Enough is Enough!!!
Femi Fani-Kayode, may God continue to punish you for the way you have treated not only these innocent girls, but 99.9percent of people who have come your way.

Anybody who knows you for who you TRULY are will attest to the fact that YOU wrote this dubious article to exonerate yourself from being the congenital assh*le that you are.

This is your modus operandi.
You hurt, harm, destroy others and then rely on your usual ways of first to report, so you can secure an advantage with the gullible public.

You run to the world and start making up stories about the people you have either messed up or attempted to mess up.

Oloriburuku ni e.
I have your f##k up and i will treat you today. I will trace all you are for the public to judge. You bloody son of a Dam. YES you are a son of a B#TCH.

Did you not raise your hands to beat your own mother years ago?

So why should the world be shocked that you go about like a cursed fool!

The devil shat on your head a long time ago.
What hurts you is that Yemisi Wada is one of the FEW women who encountered you and who was strong enough to do so much better after you.

You honestly think it is by being a former public nuisance in the disguise of a minister that makes you a man?

You cannot stand next to Dahiru Wada in any way.
You are not even a hundredth of his pinky finger nail!

A man who took up your own responsibilities from day 1? You must be a bastard!

Obviously ten men f….d Adia before she birthed you!

Now unto this matter.
Let us start with Saratu.Your first wife “Bia”, did you or did you not beat Saratu to the point that when she left you, it was without notice. This woman, went to pick your first child Folake up from school and she disappeared to Ghana for years as she feared for her life.

Please tell the public all the vile rumors you spread about Saratu?

How she is of the marine kingdom, how she employed her powers to kill her father, etc.

Saratu i am sorry but is a bloody weakling who has no business still being in contact with you. If she knew the damage you had attempted to do to her reputation till date, she would give you a very wide berth.

Now unto Yemisi
Femi how many times did you beat Yemisi to a pulp, stripping her Unclad for the viewing pleasure of your domestic staff back then?

How many times in your drug induced madness did you brandish knives and cutlasses at her?

You ask a foolish question in your self written hallucinatory article that if you were all she claims why did she go on to have more children?

How many severely abused woman, get up and walk as soon as.

It was a violent abusive cycle, the day it broke was the day she packed up and left your wretched soul.

And no, the only business you had in Ghana then was your drug rehab, which you coupled with bible classes.

Who are you fooling?
How would you remember whether Tumi is your child or not when for a long while prior to her birth, all you knew was drugs.

That part of your brain has of course been fried mercilessly!

Rather than be a good husband to Yemisi you were spending your time in all the drug dens from Isale Eko to Empire.

Have you forgotten how your parents would cringe when they were told back then that they have found you again, begging for money in traffic?

Did you not strip the house you were living in with Yemisi bare and then went ahead to trade the furnishing etc for drugs?

Did you not ever trade your suits in Isale Eko for drugs and were found wandering around in your pant?

Shall we go into your exploits with domestic staff (both male and female)??

Or shall we save that for another day?
Yemisi Wada left you as you are a loser!
She was not moved and still is not moved by your so called expired family name!

You have nothing to offer yourself let alone anybody else!

What sort of person are you?
What did Tumi ever do to you for you to have gone around saying that Yemisi was impregnated by a domestic staff.

Can someone please find a picture of Femi’s mother and put it side by side with Temi,Tobi and Tumi?

Then come back and tell us you disown them!
Right down to the gap tooth!
He comes online and releases silly articles of made up fantasies in his head, because he does not want the world to know how much of a dead beat animal of a father he is.

What pains you Femi Fani-Kayode is that Yemisi and her girls do not give a hoot about you.

They clued on very early as to who you are.
You are nothing but a sperm donor in their lives.
Where were you when Yemisi had to move back into a room inside her parents home with 3 kids?

You expected Yemisi to latch unto you and depend on you for her livelihood.

But the God she serves has always shamed you in that aspect!

The typical abuser that you are just needs for her to be down on the ground forever.

To you, it is alien that there are women who will encounter you and who will rise above you and do so much better.