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NNPC GMD (Kalichukwu) Appointment!

A Saving Grace To Major Protest Against The Non-Presentation / Non-Implementation Of The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Law Process For The New NPDC Headquarters Complex Situate At Ogba Road, Benin City. - Niger Delta Ethnic Nationalities Youth Lea
By Edo Unity League
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The National Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), a subsidiary of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), has been in serious default of local content policy whereby host communities in catchment areas where public institutions or industries are sited, are given priority consideration for employment and contracts in the scheme of things.

The erstwhile Managing Director in particular, flagrantly undermined this peace principle by relegating host communities interests, and by lackadaisically neglecting the presentation and implementation of the EIA report for the new NPDC headquarters to stakeholders, which naturally should make concrete provisions of critical infrastructural and human capital projects that would ameliorate their plights.

We have it on good authority that the EIA touch on the core infrastructural and human capital needs of the over thirteen communities situate in Benin City. It is about reconstruction of the adjoining network of road, building and upgrading Health facilities, as well as schools and scholarship for the indigent children. It also encompasses youth empowerment programs and micro credit for our women.

We urge the new management to change their style from the mundane tradition were communities have to resort to hostile tendencies before they are bestowed with what they deserve by the multinational company. The ultra-modern edifice of the NPDC is a blessing to our communities; and that is why we have been waiting patiently; whereas in other climes, some communities get these amenities ahead of the takeoff of such gigantic projects.

We must put the new Management on notice that there has been a heightened state of restiveness amongst communities and stakeholders regarding this neglect that was set to show the nation and the world at large that our national oil companies are far less compliant with industry norms than even the foreign companies they are meant to regulate. This is easily seen as the reason communities decry any divestment by the foreign oil companies.

We are therefore urging NNPC/NPDC to display strict adherence to industry standards and norms, in the spirit of true service to the nation. In light of this circumstance, we are therefore extending our hands of fellowship as a gesture to the new GMD of NNPC and the newly appointed MD of NPDC, in the hope that a seamless collaboration and harmonious policy environment would ensue in relation to the host communities and the relevant stakeholders.

It is our considered opinion that the new Management would speedily review the state of affairs within the corporation and its subsidiaries, in the hope that the neglected EIA report of the new NPDC headquarters complex in Benin City and the issue of relegation of host communities, especially in the employment of our youths into the company's junior staff cadre within the last five years, will receive urgent redress in the interest of justice and CHANGE, which President Buhari’s regime represents.

We make this passionate appeal in the hope that our people’s plight will be given justiceable attention.

Aiyamenkhue Edokpolo, National Facilitator, NDENYLM