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Twenty (20) Reasons Why Timi Alaibe Cannot Be Governor Of Bayelsa State......Bayelsa Youths Vanguard For Good Governance

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1. Timi Alaibe massively looted NDDC and there are records to prove it. He started corruption in NDDC and traded with NDDC funds. If he is elected Governor, he will sell Bayelsa State cheaply.

2. During the 2002 Governorship Campaigns, Timi Alaibe gave Mr. Waripomowei Dudafa the sum of N1 million Pounds, stolen from NDDC and this money was planted in Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha’s residence in London. That is one of the reasons ALAMCO was jailed. So Timi Alaibe contributed to the woes of former Governor DSP Alamieyeseigha..

3. Timi Alaibe is also fighting President Buhari and he demonstrated this in the NASS imbroglio. Timi Alaibe is believed to have contributed $2million to actualize Saraki’s bid for the Senate Presidency against Buhari Tinubu and Obasanjo’s wish. The dust is yet to settle but we know that the issue has pitched the Tinubu camp and the President’s henchmen. Why is Timi Alaibe pitching President Muhammadu Buhari’s henchmen against Tinubu, Obasanjo, the National Working Committee and other founding members of the Party and what political capital does he hope to garner by his actions?

4. Timi Alaibe is one of the persons compounding the EFCC problems of EX. Governor Timipre Sylva. He is doing so for two reasons. Timi Alaibe has an eye on the APC Governorship Ticket, which Sylva has been toiling hard to secure. Secondly, two of them belong to two rival cults group. While Timipre Sylva belongs to the Viking Confraternity, while Alaibe is a Pirate Confraternity. Timi Alaibe is using his relationship with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC Chief Mr. Ibrahim Larmode to come up with the consolidated 50 count charges levied against the former Governor Sylva for the second time. Alaibe, who want Timipre Sylva out of the way so he could obtain the APC ticket without any serious opposition. This is already playing out.

5. In NDDC, Timi Alaibe deliberately held back the promotion letters of Ijaw people. A good example is Engr. Boniface Sese from Foroupa who only got his promotion letter 8 months after the letter was hidden. It was Pasto P.Z. Aginighan who saw the hidden letter and released it to the recipient. Engr. Sese is still a serving Director in NDDC now.

6. Timi Alaibe hates the Niger Delta and specifically Bayelsa State such that he over-inflated contract values to build his empire.

7. Under Timi Alaibe’s influence, a contract was awarded to PELFACO Limited to construct shore protection project in Okerenkoko Community, Warri South West LGA in Delta State. The contract was awarded at the cost of N317 Million but Mr. NDDC Chieftain from Bayelsa Sate jerked it up to N980 million; and this was done without the knowledge of the Board.

8. Another shore protection contract was awarded at Ogborode in Warri West LGA at the cost of N317million but The Emperor did a variation to the sum of N1.2 billion. Like a mafia boss, he placed the most influential anti- corruption crusaders on his pay role and made them to look the other way.

9. As NDDC boss, Timi Alaibe never awarded contracts to Bayelsans, he rather awarded contracts to Yoruba people, Northerners and to his cronies. One of the major Construction Companies that benefited from Alaibe’s construction jobs was JCC Jide Construction Company owned by a Yoruba man. It was because of this attitude that Mr. Ayakeme Whiskey who served as his SA 1 left him, and others followed.

10. He kills any establishment he worked with. He contributed to the looting of Societe’General Bank which they rendered insolvent. He established INTERCHASE BANK at Rumuola, Port Harcourt and later ran to London with depositor’s money. So many Ijaw people who deposited money in INTERCHASE BANK were sent to untimely death. On his return, he was arrested and detained but with the help of Late Dr. Olusola Saraki, bribed his way through and regained freedom.

11. Timi Alaibe used NDDC stolen money to buy choice property and after buying such property registered them in the names of his cronies. Few of them can be mentioned here. Alaibe purchased properties in London with title number NGL331782 at 180 Verulam Court, Woolmead Avenue at a whooping cost of 180,000 pounds in 2005. Another of his property in London at property is said to have been registered to a suspicious real estate agent known as A3 Properties incorporated in Republic of Seychelles and managed by one Sterling Partnership based in 230 Borough High Street, London SE1 1JX.

12. In Bayelsa State, Timi Alaibe embarked on projects only in his Opokuma Clan. The 22 Water Projects NDDC embarked upon in Bayelsa State did not work for up to three months.

13. Timi Alaibe made a fraudulent attempt to acquire a Doctorate Degree and unfortunately paid huge sums of money to a fake University in the United Kingdom. Many people know about it. This is fraud taken too far.

14. Timi Alaibe goaded the then Akwa Ibom Representation Pastor Morfat to steal and sell 54 NDDC transformers and when Moffat was arrested and prosecuted by the EFCC, he abandoned him. He later used his connections in EFCC to get him released after Pastor Moffat had served 13 months detention.

15. Timi Alaibe spent N45 billion at over-inflated cost to produce the Niger Delta Regional Development Master Plan. The Master Plan, which is not in use was a fraud concocted by Alaibe himself and it was the single most expensive budget item since NDDC was established.

16. At NDDC, Timi Alaibe is believed to be one of the richest men in the Niger Delta. POLITICAL WATCH pried into an old petition written by one Denilson who spoke on-behalf of a group alleged that the the NDDC emperor stole funds belonging to the commission and purchased properties in London with title number NGL331782 at 180 Verulam Court, Woolmead Avenue at a whooping cost of 180,000 pounds in 2005. The London property is said to have been registered to a suspicious real estate agent known as A3 Properties incorporated in Republic of Seychelles and managed by one Sterling Partnership based in 230 Borough High Street, London SE1 1JX.

17. Timi Alaibe also built Juanita Hotel limited and used the name Mrs Ozobia’s husband as a front. He also owns the International Intercontinental Hotel Group all in Port Harcourt and did not build any in Bayelsa State even with the stolen money. Alaibe hates Bayelsa people because he was not allowed to contest against Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha.

18. Timi Alaibe was also responsible for framing up the first Minister of the Niger Delta Ministry Ufot Ekaette for fear of exposing his dirty deals.

19. Timi Alaibe boasted that the EFCC Chairman, Mr. Emmanuel Akomaye was his colleague and also Tunde Ogunsakin of the EFCC were on his payroll. So he is helping to corrupt the anti-graft agency

20. Timi Alaibe was notorious for funding militants to blow-up oil facilities to so as to gain control of the creeks. Like Timipre Sylva, he funded the militants to such an extent that after pipelines were blown-up, he appointed his cronies to carry out the cleanup job thereby raking-in money from all corners. These dastardly acts were committed with the connivance of some security agencies. Rogues, violent men and fraudsters cannot be leaders.

We members of the members of the Bayelsa Youths for Good Governance want existing peace and security in the State. We have sworn to oppose any violent leader. We have also realized that a leader who builds peace, erects the pillars of our survival in the future. We have no confidence in a man like Alaibe – the perfect example of a fraudulent, kleptocrat who does not love Bayelsans and the Ijaw nation for that matter. We wish to move that Mr. Timi Alaibe’s killed some of our father’s indirectly when he ran away with their money under the guise of banking. He has sent thousands of youths out of school for contributing to kill Societe’ Generale Bank. We are also aware of youths whose lives were abbreviated as a result of his sponsorship of cultism and criminality. In a sane society, Mr. Alaibe should have been serving time in jail. Our membership cut across party, clannish and religious lines. We have resolved that on no account must a man like Timi

Alaibe be allowed to contest any election in Bayelsa State, as he and his followers would put our lives at a high risk. At this time when Bayelsans are eager to catch-up with other States developmentally, we cannot afford to be tolerate any evil, fraudulent and violent men whose only mission is to maim, steal, pillage and destroy, and Timi Alaibe is one of such evil men.

Funpere Moses Odonkumo Elijah Ogbogbene Ogodobiri
Ayebanoa Mbaise Atimapere Timitimi Theophilus Okobonanabo


August 10, 2015

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