Of Campus Ladies Wears With Obscene Words

Truly, you don’t know me and I never came across you, not for once, but on this day, right in front of the University Senate Building, out of magnanimity, I hugged and kissed you in a way you can never imagine or experience in your lifetime. All you did was to gift me with a slap for my act of liberality. Why would you slap me? Curiously, I asked! But you hissed and walked out of me.

A day after, I saw you inside the lecture hall where I had come to read, walked to your lay and then pressed your boobs to confirm how succulent and firm it is, you again gifted me with a slap and spited into my face. The people around insulted me; I was embarrassed. Though as someone who has got no sense of shame left in his marrow, I laughed it off. Besides, I did what was requested and should of course be expected of me to do to you.

You went ahead and reported me to the security men. I was bundled inside that bullion van of more a rickety box on four wheels to the security unit to give answers to some irrational questions. My case got to the School Disciplinary Committee and I was to face the music for assault and disruption of the peaceful coexistence of the university environment. Though later pardoned and was told to go sin no more.

Sometime after I was pardoned, at the University Cafeteria beside the already old and derelict Students’ Union Building, I saw you passing by; I ran after you and then pressed your buttocks. As usual, you slapped me! I was manhandled, beaten, battered and bruised by those ruffians you call the ‘Union Boys’- those who think and act carelessly, with their senses blocked from reasoning; they intimidate the helpless students at freewill. They are the Bootlickers and the Hangers-on of the duly elected Students’ Union officials. But I digress!

One of the over-religious brothers- one who always act to be catholic than the pope, in my fellowship that witnessed the scenario acted promptly and informed the Chaplain of the University Chapel of what he saw and heard I did. Out of his foolhardiness, the Chaplain besmirched the Holy Book which says: “You must investigate and interrogate thoroughly, and inquire carefully. If it is indeed true that such a disgraceful thing is being done, then you can act decisively.” (Deut 13:14). He spouted off before listening to the facts which was quite shameful and foolish for a man of his caliber.

Without investigating, he went to the altar to cast aspersions on my personality, painted me in bad light while he enjoined others he referred to as saints to stay away from an irredeemable sinner that has fallen short of the glory of God and Heaven like me for them not to be corrupted. He cast me out of the so-called holy congregation. I dared ask before the congregation: does the law or even the holy book condemn a man without first hearing him to find out the facts, what prompted him to do what he did? Lo and behold, I was reprimanded. Though abused and embarrassed, I did not stop there, because I saw nothing wrong in my act of magnanimity and liberality. Besides, I did what was requested and should of course be expected of me as a sensitive observer to do to you.

On a Monday morning, a day after being reprimanded, I assaulted you again. After the general class with attendance of over five (5) thousand students, right in front of the hall, on top of my voice, I threw a jibe at you: “Atinuke, can I suck your breast and make you horny?” I asked to confirm if you really meant what was written on the shirt you wore: “Suck my breast, make me horny”. Out of frustration, you asked: “young man, why are you hell-bent on embarrassing me and making me pass through emotional trauma? Why? I think I’m decently dressed enough to avoid being embarrassed. Why? Please tell me why? I want to know!

Truly you were decently dressed: you were not putting on skimpy, tight fitting and transparent wears revealing certain parts of the bodies that under normal dressing patterns ought to be hidden away from the glare of people neither were you wearing irregular dresses that the scriptures shave forbidden. Your skirts were not exposing your thighs and buttocks neither were your blouses exposing your breast and armpits.

Only that you were putting on attires which allude to vulgar and obscene symbols, signs, slogans or words; shirts which display and communicate sex, violence, drugs, gang or hate slogans or picture. The fact that such wears are not transparent doesn’t make it decent enough for an “Omoluabi” to wear. Such wears insults people’s sensibilities and arouses the restive side of them, which is liable to create unrest in a learning environment.

Besides, remember, a psychologist once said: “dressing is a means of communication and a social marker; it creates an impression of the kind of personality an individual is and ethnic dignity of the person. You can therefore be marked or described as irresponsible through your dressing style. Your dress can show if you are responsible or irresponsible, serious minded or unserious.”

Oluwatomilola Boyinde, TOMINIGERIA, Final Year Student of Creative Arts, LAUTECH. [email protected] , @TomiNigeria, 08032434218, 2AF2EB9D.

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