Parents Behind Decay In Society—Queen Ure

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

While many Nigerians are still expressing their displeasure over the legalization of same $ex marriage in the United States of America (USA), Nigerian singer, Queen Ure, has blamed parents for its spread.

Queen Ure said the moral decadence in the society to today is as a result of bad homes.

She noted that when a man beats his wife, the children, who are keenly watching keenly, learn from bad things from there and then become violent.

In her words, “The proper marriage institution has collapsed, there can never be a vacuum in nature, when the real deal fails, something must replace it. Slowly and gradually for decade's people were choosing differently from what God designed but with this complete devaluing of the proper marriage, gayism came to the fur.”

She called on parents to live an exemplary life for their children to follow.