Islamic North Is Regional Safe-Heaven for Al-Queda Terrorists Extremists

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International community and United States is at war with Al-Queda terror extremists, these terror-networks must aggressively be tracked, monitored, and immediately destroyed wherever they are found. Terrorism must not be tolerated in any form or shape, otherwise, this satanic organization called Al-Queda will gain accessibility and comfortability, strengthen its murderous mission in its quest to destroy western civilization. Al-Queda dismissively and derogatively calls other religious organizations and her practitioners infidels. This aggressive parallelism at minimal is, antithetical to freedom and self-determination of world peoples. This writer wants to use this communication to unequivocally alert the United States intelligence community, including CIA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies that Al-Queda has been present in Islamic North of the so-called Nigeria , for the longest running and for the longest lasting time. The danger Al-Queda poses to mankind in Islamic North of this failed British experiment called Nigeria , is unparalleled. Al-Queda must be stopped immediately & forthrightly.

The US and her intelligence communities and international intelligence agencies must note that that Islamic North shamelessly danced in the streets of Kano, Sokoto, Kaduna, Kastina, Bauchi states and more when US was attacked by Al-Queda organization on 9/11.

In addition, international community and US intelligence agencies including CIA, FBI and other international intelligence agencies must know that majority of former military regimes headed by mainly parasitic Islamic north and its civilian and military accolades, including OPC gutter politicians (Yoruba) are equally culpable by association. Indicators demonstrate that these looters and their families are either, terrorists, terror-enablers or potential terrorists in their unconstitutional quest to maintain the status quo. We appeal for their immediate arrests, interrogations, investigations and prosecutions at IJCC for their crimes against humanity. These war criminals became conduit for pogrom against Igbo-nationals during Biafra-Nigeria civil-war 1967-70; during this era, over 2.1 million innocent Biafrans including children, women, and old people were slaughtered in cold-blood, simply because they used their God given right to seek freedom and self-determination for a separate society away from Islamic North extremists. Their criminal actions have continued till date; for example the killing of MEND memberships, MASSOB memberships, Odi, Ogoni-memberships, and more… these truisms are self-evident.

Permit us to list some of the military elements and their civilian sidekicks that collaborated in executing these murderous actions that have continued to this today are as follows: General IBB, General Obasanjo, Colonel Omar, Abubarkar Abdulsalam, Buhari, Barabe Musa, General Akrinanide, General Diya, Adekunle (Scorpion), etc. If these men had integrity they would have jettisoned mutism and self-imposed state of incommunicado, speak-up against Islamic act of beheadings and lynching triggered by Islamic-Sharia-states in this estate. There exists component culpability—Ooduwa Peoples Congress (OPC) is enabler of terrorists' extremists since 1945. Pedagogically, we all read that enlightenment era in Europe came about after Europeans awoke from her dark-age of barbaric-feudalism; how the serfs were brutalized by their feudal Lords/managers, how kings and queens created honorable serfdom-state against the have nots; as the progressive have nots revolted and called for fair legislations by its legislature. On the other hand, reformation and transformation of Islam is asking for too much, in fact it is almost impossible to make the said transition, especially knowing that they are kneel-bent in destroying anything Jerusalem, anything State of Israel, if they cannot have it, rather than live in peace with its neighbor and offer peaceful option, she choose violence means. Enlightenment occurring within her territorial borders without mohammadic citations is enlightenment and journey made impossible. The question is transformation of Islam by whom/who? The obfuscating governmental administrative state and/or its gradualism tolerance of moderates toward western civilization by Islam seem almost impossible at this time. Attempt at drawing any parallelisms at compatibility existence is a demonstration of intellectual fraud at most and hypocrisy at best.

Islamic North and its military dominance and control over former Eastern region days are numbered if not over. OPC gutter politicians need now face the wall and cry in shame for aiding and abating all these years of containment indoctrination against the former East region. Forget about OPC so-called activists, they are culpable for their strong loyalty to tribalism and sectionalism as she systemically game the system. OPC for years collaborated with Islamic north to loot, deplete, pollute Eastern territorial resources and territorial borders hoping that the Sun will not Rise Again across the Niger. They were dead wrong. OPC becomes Christian when it is economically profitable, and becomes Muslims when it is economically profitable. What a shameful stock at uselessness.

By implication, recent attempted attack on United States passenger jetliner (Delta-Airline) by one Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, 23, Engineering student at London University College, who subsequently left London, to Yemen for training with Al-Queda extremists, to attack and kill Americans, is a continuation of these criminal and brutal inclinations to kill innocent world citizens of eastern extractions. Imagine if 300 passengers were killed in act of terrorism. The Islamic tendency to commit atrocious crimes of this magnitude against humanity without qualms must be in their DNA or taught them by their progenitors; yet Islam is a peaceful religion susceptible to Islamic teachings. Mutallab Sr., is a former Minister and currently serves with Lukman, Nigerian oil Minister, as part of its Accounting & Auditing Team. Truth is Mr. Mutallab Sr. did not report to US Embassy in Nigeria, because he loves America, he reported because he feared that his looted state's monies in foreign accounts will be frozen off of its millions of dollars/pounds sterling and other foreign currencies in a heart bit by US government if he didn't report his son. Mr. Mutallab Sr., is part of looting bigwigs of banking industry in Nigeria. If anybody is in doubt, let us allow independent investigative agency dig into his accounts overseas, if hard questions how he made these millions wouldn't surface. Mutallab Sr., is part of looting psycho-part, a sick-mentality has defiled the thieving-chat of world record. Collapse of culture of best practices, work ethics, and morality has made impossible to restructure failed societies like Nigeria ; that is why whatever they touch these turns to dust—in addition, their filthy dealings and killing of innocent people in cold-blood and disappearances makes it impossible. This writer was a victim of Islamic terrorist attack during June 12, 1993, crisis, after the annulment of presidential election won by MKO Abiola. My BBC interview with Godwin Ebor, BBC London published in 1995, by New African Titled: “Escape From Nigeria—Three rebels tell their dramatic story.” (pgs. 10-12), caps it all. I served as National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) 1993/94, as its Chief Mobilization Officer (CMO), UNIBEN as its Headquarters put me on the cross-roads with these blood thirsty murderers.

They kill for anything. As routine, looting and pillaging the nations' oil industry, and bombing oil villages that resist these criminal multilateral-corporations with Islamic north-military and administrations is second nature, a prevailing culture. Till date the north has rejected prudence at competition rubbishing best practices, at synchronizing trade and commerce, rejects “competition as by-product of productive work, not its goal. She has refused to accept that a creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others" and I would add to kill others. A. Randll. Islamic north pretend to reject western civilization, but sends their children to western schools like Mutallab Sr., did. This is hypocrisy at its height. The US must realize that we are at war against terror; deployment of her technological ingenuity to detect and destroy Al-Queda wherever it is found, not tolerate, must to her advantage. Islamic terrorists have drawn a battle-line on the sand against rejectionists of Islamic faith. This longest running hostility is a test of our loyalty to state and country. International human rights establishments like the UN, and other western industrialized countries and international community must not allow Islamic terrorists extremists to dictate the direction of human civilization. Liberalization of trade and commerce, freedom and self-determination should dictate the human liberty and right to choose in today's culture of multiculturalism.

In 2009, Boko Haram in Islamic North, Nigeria, overrun police posts, her belligerency and ensued hostilities destroy over 500 lives and properties across Islamic north against what it called “infidels. Two days ago, over 50 people were killed in Bauchi State, yet another, Boko Haram preachment of anti-western-education. These and more stands as prime exhibits, defamatory evidences, including December 26, 2009 attempted terrorist attack on US Jetliner, this hopefully will prompt Obama administration to know that offense is the best defense, by sending US expeditionary forces by launching pre-emptive attack immediately against Islamic North Al-Queda safe heavens. US must monitor, detect and destroy anything with Al-Queda fundamental extremists' networks or risk another unprecedented infamy worst than 9/11. Overemphasizing the state of affairs at this critical time is uselessness.

In 1980 or so, Al-Queda Islamic North terrorists extremists, beheaded Geodon Akaluka in Kano State; in 2008, they strike again, beheaded Kingsley Okeke, in Kaduna State and in 2008/09, extremists lynched Christiana Oluwatoyin Oluwasesin, classroom teacher. There are other undocumented beheadings and lynching in this estate. US must move in to avoid another Rwanda. As United States move in, she must observe best practices toward innocent citizens; it must exempt Middle-Belt-states, including former Plateau and former Benue states extractions. These two former states must be extracted from the ensuing war between US and Al-Queda in Islamic north. The aforementioned two former states have been fighting against Islamic dominance and hegemony in one of the longest running religious war in recent history. The fallout will be obvious: US will discover that Islamic North is a world different from Christian South. In all intents and purposes, former Eastern region, wants peaceful separation from terrorists extremists of Islamic Northern extraction like the former USSR and others.

Permit this writer a chance to summarize this dispatch by stating again that the civilized world is at war with Al-Queda with her affiliate-organizations. It is a war of attrition, it is a war that we must fight to a stand still if we must protect and defend our civilization and humanity. This is a war that we must fight and win. Al-Queda fundamentalism is against anything and everything civilization; civilized world must detect disable and destroy Al-Queda institutional networks. International community and intelligence community must detect and disable Al-Queda capability and capacity, destroy its capacity at recruitment and destroy her capacity to make wars. In the other hand, the United States and international community risk defeat if she fails in this final push, to finish-off Al-Queda once and for all. Mankind must be free to choose its course of existence, that includes her freedom to choose her religion, how to worship, where, how and what to worship without intimidations and molestations. Humanity must insists and repeatedly demand her quest for freedom and self-determination based on popular sovereignty, democratization without religious intimidations, malice or both.

George Santayana once remarked: “If humanity refuse to learn from its history, they are condemned to repeat it.” Parasitic Islamic north has been stealing, killing, maiming other nationalities including degrading and depleting other regional economies for too long a time. Islamic north has used her control over military-industrial-complexes to intimidate, harass, rape and dominate others in this failed experiment called British-Nigeria. The time is come to call-off her bluff and demand that she pay for her past crimes against humanity. The Islamic north is currently deploying its military influence and dominance to usurp and overthrow democratization and decentralization estates and process; corrosively projecting this irresponsible posturing, she is heightening tensions with territorial borders of her neighbors as she attempts positioning itself toward retrogressive military-dictatorship. With ailing unelected President Umaru Yar'Adua holding this estate hostage at gun-point, refusing to handover executive administrative power/s to Vice President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, since last month, and this cabal is only heating up body polity toward precipice. In addition, with the state of prevailing unconstitutionality compounded by the military constitution of 1999, there appears increasing lacuna at many unresolved contradictions in this geo-political expression, called Nigeria rather than a Nation. Those that make peace change impossible, makes violent change inevitable. Those that seek national revolution might wait: as revolution cannot take off without clear primordial nationalism that must effectively swallow tribalism and sectionalism. Markedly, popular sovereignty hoisted on opportunism, falsehood, suspicions, bigotry and greed is compromised within the province of contested revolution at alien-imposed-pseudo-nationalism, engineered by reactionary forces with regional and sectional loyalty with aggressive nationalism.

From the foregoing it is therefore clear, that Islamic north is the regional safe heaven for Al-Queda terrorists Extremists network. This religious extremist interferes with nations-states' quest for decentralization of central establishments for the emergence of independent-states that would develop at its own pace and time without intimidation of interventionism. Immediate decentralization and immediate regionalization will definitely set different nation-states free, give her people freedom, which, would create, facilitate various nation-states to be in control over her territorial borders and control over its resources. Truncating this noble quest via religious posturing is counterproductive that must not only be resisted but must be defeated. We refuse to succumb to Al-Queda Islamic terrorists and its sponsors. The United States and international community cannot fold its hands at the emerging and spreading infamy against various populations; we must fight this war—because it is a just war or succumb to defeatism.

For Al-Queda fanatical fundamentalists, there is no separation between Church and State. International community, UN, EU, AU, Non-Align-Movement, United States, media-industries such as CNN, must note the resilience of Al-Queda terror-networks at strike at democracy. Today, she has access to digitized tele-communications, financed with stolen petrol-dollars from the East by Islamic North, with more cash starched-away in overseas financial industries; these capabilities must be disrupted and destroyed, by aggressively partnering with other civilized democracies. For record, Bin Laden in one of his recorded communications to his field-commanders, directed Islamic Northern elements in (Nigeria) to attack and destroy the “Infidels” in that estate. Markedly, note that Al-Queda war-house, has decentralized its leadership allowing regional leadership to act freely, she is also equipped with best domestic-intellectual-minds and best intellectual-minds internationally. Dick Morris and others with access to CIA, FBI communication grid-lock, if you receive this communication, please immediately dispatch it to other US intelligence agencies including the State Department for fellow-up technical classification as appropriate.

As Americans, we must protect the strategic privileged interests of the United States , including securing her terroritoral borders against enemy's pre-emptive attacks. We must stand for justice even if we are standing alone; current prevailing multilateralism at competitive geo-polarity at global dominance, hegemony and control of regional resources must not cloud our thinking processes, rather creating equilibriumic-rubric at best assessments, streamlining state affairs for the betterment of world peoples. Terrorism must be destroyed wherever it is found. There is no two ways about it. QED! End of Story!

WARNING: we are using this media to warn Islamic north that any attempt to deploy military establishment to retake this estate by any means necessary, using her military as did in the past as its launching-pad at governance must in its uselessness, expect unprecedented defeat. Also, if she is positioning itself for a return to military dictatorship, she must note that she will meet her waterloo markedly. Any provocative aggression against the population will be defeated at the altar of disintegration as the final solution—meaning that the emergence of separate societies with vehemence is congruent to her foolishness. Perhaps you did not know this: authoritarianism is old political relic that contradicts constitutional administrative states, whose caveat is hoisted on illegitimate province that has no place in civilized societies. There is fierce urgency of now. We demand that the international community do what is right: she must throw its support to freedom and self-determination of world peoples to choose their terms of existence and must vehemently reject Islamic-North military maneuverings at this time against the will of the people. We insist on defending freedom and justice and wish to call off their bluff at threats and look her (Islamic North) in the face and call her by her true-name—enablers of safe heaven of Al-Queda Islamic terrorists extremists of all time. Carlisle U.O. Umunnah Is New York-based Freelance Writer

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