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Calls for Mr. President to review her compulsory retirement

By Edo Unity League

President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR,

Thro, the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation.

Justice G. K. Olotu's persecution; We call on Mr. President to review her compulsory retirement; and the body of Benchers should sanction Mr. Bello Adoke by stripping him of the SAN honor: being the title of a press conference by the Edo Unity League 1st July 2015.

Gentlemen of the press, without prejudice to pending suits initiated by Hon. Justice Gladys Olotu against the Leaders and Company Limited (Publishers of Thisday Newspaper) and the National Judicial Council, the Attorney General of the Federation, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and others in furtherance to her pursuit of her fundamental human rights; as an intelligentsia arm of Edo people at home and abroad; we have resolved to formally and publicly submit that the immediate past Chief Justice of Nigeria; and the AGF be sanctioned for professional misconducts; dereliction of duty; and acting in manners that misled Mr. President (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GCFR). For us, professional honors are not only rewards for hard work, but a spanner of checks for sustenance of character and excellence. Our humane call for the stripping of the SAN honor from Bello Adoke is based on meticulous findings connected to the aforementioned issues.

We (the members and trustees of the Edo Unity League) are constrained to join issues with the outgoing President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GCFR in view of the pyramid of condemnation that are daily heaped on his person and administration in the press over perceived failures and alleged cluelessness; we believed that a substantial account of his undoing were based on misleading advise from the Hon. Minister for Justice and Attorney General of the Federation (Mohammed Adoke), and the immediate past Chief Justice of The federation. Whereas the persecution of Justice Olotu has been on for about a year now, we decided to cautiously abstain from dabbling into the matter in order to appreciate the roots of it, especially the unseen hands behind her ordeal; because, having regards to her background and integrity, we can vouch for her sanctity of credibility.

Based on the result of our forensic inquiry into the above subject matter, we are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF); the Justice Alloma Mariam Murkhtar, in alliance with some patron clienteles in the judiciary - whose stock in trade is to undermine Judges who refused to do their disgruntled bidding or interests; masterminded the criminalization of our distinguished daughter and subsequently concorted a recommendation for her compulsory retirement to the President; and we doubt if Mr. President bordered a bit to read the letter, talk less of examining the intrinsic conspiracies inherent in the blackmails. Let it be known that eight bogus allegations were levied against the Leaned Justice Olotu in the 28th February memo by the former CJN to President Jonathan entitled “RE; INVESTIGATION BY THE NATIONAL JUDICIAL COUNCIL OF PETITIONS AGAINST HON. JUSTICE G. K. OLOTU OF THE FEDERAL HIGH COURT, RECOMMENDATION FOR COMPULSORY RETIREMENT OF HON. JUSTICE G. K. OLOTU OF THE FEDERAL HIGH COURT.” And they are as follows

  1. That there was delay in the hearing and delivering of judgment in suit No. FHC/UY/CS/250/2003 BY Hon. Justice G. K. Olotu
  2. That the motion on Notice dated 16th August, 2010 for stay of Execution of judgment in Suit No. FHC/UY/CS/2502003 was heard and determined by the respondent;
  3. That the Hon. Judge granted Garnishee Order Nisi on 4th October, 2010 when the Motion for Stay of Execution was still pending;
  4. That the applications to join the Petitioner in the Garnishee proceedings and to set aside the Order Nisi had been heard and determined by the judge;
  5. That the judge assigned Suit numbers to cases and transferred the case in Suit No. FHC/UY/CS/250/2003 from Uyo Division to Port Harcourt Division of the Federal High Court
  6. That the Hon. Judge entertained post judgment matters in Port Harcourt which should have been taken by the Federal High Court, Uyo Division
  7. That the Hon. Judge abandoned the case without return date; and
  8. That the Hon. Judge retained the case file after her ruling of 2nd October 2012.

Based on incontrovertible evidence thoroughly examined by a Special Legal Committee on this matter, we are convinced that the above eight grounds were fabricated to achieve a pre-meditated cum chauvinistic decision i.e – everything must be done to persecute G.K. Olotu for her disloyalty to the Nigeria judiciary cabal.

Similarly, in the case of the 1 billion Naira Azura Power Plant sited in Benin City, we are reliably informed that the AGF mischievously misled Mr. President against endorsing the sovereign immunity waival in accordance with the international best practices of international business financing the world over. it is a well-known fact that the Power Plant project is Public Private Project, and president Goodluck Jonathan officially commissioned the project as part of his resolve to enhance power generation capacity for Nigeria. At the same token, the non-approval of EPZ in Edo state (the largest Gas base of Nigeria) owing to the consistent seeming mischievousness of the AGF. We respectfully crave the indulgence of your committee to

After a painstaking examination of the official memo addressed by the AGF to President Goodcluck Jonathan, a devious mindset to persecute a hardworking and very high rankin Judge of the federal Republic was visibly clear. It was high time professional institutions like the Nigerian Bar Association and the Privileges Committee started wielding the big stick on their members or fellows whose mischievous and misleading tendencies inflicts repairable or irreparable damage on the health of critical sectors like the judiciary (Justice Olotu's case in point) and power super-structure like the Azura power plant project.

If the persecution of Hon. Justice Olotu is not laid to rest by way of a just and fair re-examination of the grounds on the basis for compulsory retirement, we are afraid that whenever Goodluck Jonathan’s Government is brought forward for comparative analysis; Justice Aloma and Chief Bello Adoke will be prominently featured for their seemingly devious conspiracies against well-established rules of engagement and administration of justice. And we believe that there is still room for a just-review on this subject.

Arc. Constance Ikhide Omozokpia


The Legal Priviledges Committee

The Nigerian Bar Association.

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By: bjoh HAMBURG