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Governor Ifeanyi Okowa... Please Come To Our Aid!!!

By Oyibo Edirin Endurance

With all humility, we the people of Jeddo community in Okpẹ local government area of Delta state, hereby call on the Delta state government lead by his Excellency, Governor (Sen.) Ifeanyi Okowa to look into the situation of the poor state of our local road.

We the people of Jeddo are law abiding citizens and we carry out our civic responsibilities at all times. We vote en masse during elections and we voted in the same vein during the last general elections. We should benefit from the government as well.

Jeddo community has scarcely felt government presence. We have water tanks spread around the community that are nothing but eyesore; the government secondary school and its road is nothing to write home about; the abandoned street light project is staring at us in the face; the Delta Development and Property Agency (DDPA) housing estate is collapsing, housing unit by housing unit; the primary health care centre is in an ugly state; our market is nothing but a place where we go to buy germs to feed on; the youths are unemployed and not empowered; the national epileptic electricity problem touched earth in Jeddo; and to crown it all, the access road to the community is a mess. The available basic amenities in our community are not functional.

Our major problem is the access road to the community. We have suffered neglect in silence for too long. We have suffered for too long for a messiah to fix our road. Once it is the season of rain, our hearts start bleeping. It is almost impossible to go out of and come into our community easily every day. Traffic congestion affects everyone in our community and its environs, whether travelling by car, bus, bicycle, motorcycle or tricycle (keke). The poor state of our road is a safety and a health hazard: cause traffic congestion, damage cars and has lead to the death of numerous persons. It is just not good enough to mention the too many ills we are suffering as a people by the poor condition of our road and the lack of attention, the apathy government has shown to our community.

The past government had a known aversion to improving our road network and had no planned project whatsoever to fix them except for the only much talked about dualization of the road inferred from speeches delivered at the foundation laying ceremony of Eagle Heights University, Omadino. We are confident that this administration has the people of Jeddo at heart. The confidence we have in this administration lies in the nomination of our own Chief (Hon.) James Augoye for commissioner.

I must say at this juncture that the Warri Refinery and Petrochemical Company (WRPC) and the Nigerian Gas Company (NGC) constitutes nuisance to our communities. It is saddening that citizens in this vicinity are suffering from bad roads, not to mention the pollution we suffer from these companies annually. The road to the WRPC and the NGC, which also serves as the only link road to Jeddo, Ugbokodo, Ughoton, Omadino, Ubeji, Ifie, Egbokodo-itsekiri towns is in a deplorable condition. Year in year out, every day, plying these roads is a nightmare; accidents are regular occurrences on these ever busy roads. It is worthy to note that these towns are contributing immensely to the economy of the nation.

With a thousand voices, we are asking the state government to see to the lifting of the deplorable state of our roads and our community. The government of our amiable Governor Ifeanyi Okowa should look into these issues and hasten up to see that our roads are fixed.

Thank you.
Oyibo Ediri.

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