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Adhas: How Atiku Abubakar,Nyako Failed To Grap Adamawa Speaker And Deputy

By Tom Garba, Yola
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The ranging waters that roared some few weeks ago on who becomes the new speaker and deputy speaker for the Adamawa state House of Assembly is settling down, but observers are looking at the messy deals that took place before the emergence of the present house leadership.

Any good Politician with a good skills must want to out play every one else in the game. Especially those consider to be the state political Fathers, being who they are, are always making conscious efforts to control things around them for perhaps future political gains it was on this premise that pundits revealed that the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar embarked upon grimy deals to grab the entire leadership of the Adamawa state House of Assembly but failed woefully in the ensuring political brinkmanship that took place despite his largesse.

the former governor of the state,Real Admiral Murtala Nyako who left his office unceremoniously as a result of impeachment saga could not hold the grip of the state House despite his giants efforts to bring and sustained the party (APC) that brought more half of the law makers into power. Nyako attitude towards the what is going in the political realm of the state indicates his believe not to interferes in the right of individuals at whatever level.

Nyako being the founder of original All Progressive Congress party APC , the former Governor of the state who former President Goodluck Jonathan ensured he was impeached even on controversial circumstances and s case of treasonable felony slammed against him before he fled to England.

Atiku Abubakar’s choice for the speakership and deputy was Mallam Rufai Umar, from Gombi constituency, who was closely been monitored by the APC as sources gave details of the whooping sum of money the former VP Atiku Abubakar gave him to share to loyalist was collected in his car booth a day to the elections yet the Adamawa APC ensured that he lost the election to Rt Hon Kabiru Mijinyawa, of Yola South who emerged the new speaker defeating Mallam Rufai Umar despite sharing the huge largesse from the former Vice President.

Close monitors of Mallam Rufai said he was confident of winning the coveted seat but the brinkmanship of the former vice president was thwarted by the eagle eye interest the original APC who had vowed to checkmate Atiku Abubakar and allow the House to produce the speaker through a free and fair process not under the whimsical and capricious tendencies of a “big man” who was bent on bankrolling his way to hijack the leadership of the house and use it in future for his dirty games the APC source was quoted saying.

Sources said despite the huge investment done by Alh. Atiku Abubakar, his candidate Mallam Rufai Umar failed woefully with 8 votes and Rt Hon Kabiru Mijinyawa won with 17 votes out of 25 Adamawa state House of Assembly members during the plenary.

Some APC sources monitoring the process had said it would have been too dangerous to allow the former Vice President control the house at this stage, the source pointed out that it would be the third time Atiku Abubakar would be losing his hold on the party.

After the impeachment of Admiral Nyako, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, became Ag.Governor, Alh. Atiku Abubakar sponsored Alh. Ibrahim Mijinyawa Yayaji, for the APC gubernatorial congress but was defeated by then Sen Mohammed Jibrilla Bindo who came from the Nyako side of the APC after Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri.

When the former acting Governor was removed from office and replaced with Bala Nggilari the APC again held its congress and Atiku Abubakar again sponsored Alh.Ibrahim Mijinyawa Yayaji throughout the APC campaigns in Adamawa state but the Nyako group also defeated him even after he went round with Yayaji in the twenty One Local Government Areas of Adamawa state and dropping huge resources the Nyako side of the APC emerged winner as Bindo defeated Atiku Abubakar twice.

A source closed to the APC said that it was an open secret the former VP cannot produce any Local Government Chairman in Adamawa state his politics ends in Abuja and Lagos as he has no electoral value in Adamawa state.

According to dependable sources this is how the drama started, a few days to the inauguration of the Adamawa state House of Assembly; Admiral Murtala Nyako knew that drama will take place so he jetted out to Abuja but left the APC hardliners behind to ensure the humiliation of Atiku Abubakar.

Nyako had reportedly said tell them “My children at the Assembly I wish all of them well and I congratulate all of them for the resounding defeat of the People’s Democratic Party PDP and they should freely select a speaker and deputy speaker of their choice among them I will continue to offer fatherly advice to them but they should be wary of those who will bring money because that money is Greek gift”.

Some APC sources said perhaps this was what scared the new honorable members from collecting the “Greek Gift” offered by Atiku Abubakar group when they sponsored Mallam Rufai Umar for the post of speaker and they elected the former Legislative leader of Yola South Local Government during the administration of Murtala Nyako.

RT Hon Kabiru Mijinyawa is a young man with penchant for helping others he started exhibiting the traits in him since 1999 when he was a counselor in Yola South before becoming the leader of the Yola South legislature.

The deputy Speaker Hon Sunday Peter represents the Guyuk constituency and he was a special Assistant to the Secretary to the state Government SSG of Admiral Nyako, Mr. Kobis Ari Thimnu, Sunday was later SA to Nyako and he is a brilliant young man that believes in fairness, he is outspoken and loves interactions and solving challenges.

The new members have begun to settle down for business and some of them took time off to tell newsmen their plans for Adamawa state.

Barrister Sani Mohammed who represents Mubi North in Adamawa state house of Assembly in an interview said the problems confronting his domain is insurgency and he will work closely with all relevant agencies to bring insurgency to an end. Hon Sani Mohammed said he was happy to be a member of the Assembly and he wants to call on the Federal Government to rebuild all the bridges destroyed by Boko Haram during their invasion of Mubi North and he intends to sponsor a bill to come to the rescue of victims of insurgency.

On his part the member representing Mubi South constituency, Hon Abdulrahman Abubakar, said he also intends to contribute his quota in moving his community forward by ensuring social security for all because in the developed world social security is a basic ingredient for social cohesion and without social security people can become members of the dreaded Boko Haram because they have nothing at stake.

He said he would ensure that everybody is carried along at least basic amenities would be provided for them so that they will feel the impact of government nearer to them because the society due to poverty are feeling frustrated and a frustrated man can join Boko Haram or anything to cause harm to the society.

The member representing Fufore-Gurin constituency, Alh. Mohammed Maikante Abubakar, said the people of his constituency will not regret voting him into office because he would change things for the better in the area. He promised that job employment in relevant federal establishment would be given to members of his constituency.

Indicators are glaring red to Atiku and Nyako none of them can confidently say he controls the power of the state Assembly. This is because the Governor of the state, Muhammadu Jibrilla is set to have a power monuevering in the law makers in order to enable him have a sweet running government.

Jibrila on many occasion assert that he does not have any political father and neither Nyako or Atiku are his political mentors,this can be an eye opener to all Adamawa people the Governor is sitting up to play his role as a substantive Governor not allowing any one to make him a stooge.

Most of the people holding the affairs of the house are said to be answerable to him as he assure them of every of their entitlement as the constitutional hold the third tier of government.

One who bend to laugh atohters should know that his anus is open
By: Bawa Timothy