Assembly of God Crisis disintegrade the unity of the church in Saminaka

By Tom Garba

The Assembly of church Saminaka district is seems to be in a great shambles of disunity as a result of the fight between Professor Paul Emeka and Rev Dr Chidi Okorafor. It has now brought two waring contendant on who becomes the District head of the AGM in Saminaka.

The fight at the apex level that has been lingering between the duo leaders over who is the substantive general supritendant of the church that dominates most eastern states in the country,many state headquaters and with hundreds of districts scattered accross the country.

The long unresolved battle has no doubt decentrilize to many districts of the church as it is seen to disunite Saminaka district one of the historic town of the church in northern Nigeria (kaduna state) where its first had her Northern Bibble College.

The feuds among the two leardesr of the church in saminaka is in sharp division where offerings are paralle been collected to be either for Professor Paul Emeka or Dr Chidi Okorafor in some churches in the district, families were also divided over the same issues and churches were forcefully close down by either Tutu's factions or Jimoh's depending on who are the majority in that church.

Rev Hassan Tutu and Rev Simon Jimoh has seen to be on tug of war in the same vein of power struggles that engulve the entire church on who is the district leader in Saminaka.The duo leaders have clearly shown to be in power pursuits with treads and counter threads to each at any given opportunity which that made concern authority to involed the police to avoid the excalation of the feuds to something else.

Tutu who has been the district head of the church for two consecutive term had early accused his rivalry faction (Jimoh's) of sending tugs and armed men to be molesting him, where at one time destroyed his car and was almost lynched to dead.

According to Rev Hassan that Emeka did not only violeted the constitution of the Assembly of God which states to usher in any assistant generally supritendant on ground of either suspention or unavoidable act that befalls him.

"Emeka disobeyed God's ordinaces by not submitting to the suspention pronounced on him by the church council on ground of finacial mismanagement, he was the first person to take the general council of the entire assembly of God to court,he also under mines the election which was held sometimes last year whereby 75 percent of the church electorates voted against him in favor of chidi and he goes about constituting his leadership structures in the country". Tutu said

"Emeka is formed illegal church structures in saminaka with Rev Simon Jimoh who is already seating on a black bench of the church on miriads pending issues against him in other to show a level of disloyalty to the constituted authority of the church,this indeed uncall for and is never Godly"Tutu added

He consider Emeka to be a rebel of the highest order,attesting that Chidi is the is the right leader who has all the back up of the church constitution and follow all the due process to be voted in as the substantial supridentend of the AG,areason why he sees Chidi as the true national leader of the church which he pledge his total alligence to.

On a contrary view Rev Simon Jimoh who is a stunch loyalist of Paul Emeka in saminaka said all the allegations leveled against the Emeka's faction has been cleared and right was given to him by a sitting court in Lagos to continue being the church leader.

"They are clear out,after been acused of emblezing church money The problem started when there is a beak of power hierachy in the headquarters where the general over seer was facing alots of internal rivalry in the church but things are laid to rest now."

Jimoh claimed that ninety nine percent (95%) of the church members are in support of Paul as the substantive Leader,also affirmed that,the leadership is from God and is Him that place him that position.

Him being the new district leader of the church in Saminaka it is an indication of light illimuniting darkness. Accussing Rev Tutu of been a dictator who dont even want to see any one griwing spiritual talkless of eeing people growing physically.

"The people have seen the light,a reason of my election so light is chasing away darkness" .Jimoh said

According to Rev Simon there is no enemy of church like Rev Tutu who went about with all form of security attacking the congragation of God,threatening people with vulgar words just because he wants to be a church leader.

"For your information this man has been there for good consecutive two terms without any leadership justification has done well that he deserve any further continuation,why is he forcing hiself to people even when they saying no to his kind of dictatorship form of administration? I think he should be done on him that people are tied with him and let him repent and begin to do what God actually called him to do".

Condemning the process of voting in Rev Chidi which led to his suspention because he questioned the process.

The duo leaders in power showdown in Saminaka agreeds that it is a trying moments for the entire Assembly of God in Nigeria which they believe "there is going to be light at the end of the tunel".

They are fervently praying for God's kind of peace to return to Saminaka district as many unfair malice and enemity is brewing around every family of the church.