Re: Plot to sack Oyegun leadership thickens!

By Edo Unity League

Beware of vindictive politics as the hallmark of retrogressive national leadership esteem-being an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR by the Niger Delta Ethnic Nationalities Youth Leaders Movement (NDENYLM) on Monday 15th June 2015.

Our attention has been drawn to the screaming headline in today's (15th June 2015) Nigerian Tribune newspaper and well espoused in page four (4); to the extent that a certain cabal are on the verge of sacrificing our dear son and brother (Chief John Odigie-Oyegun) for their chauvinistic interests under the guise of his inalienable right to aspire for the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF); which has been touted in the media for some time now as a Greek gift to the South East region’s main aspirant (Chief Ogbonaya Onu). Given the prolific and community-based journalism credibility of the Tribune, we believe this news item (alleged conspiracy to unseat APC National Chairman) to be sacrosanct; and it can only happen as a reality, IF you approve of it; thereby prompting us to suspect that your touted credibility and respect for hard work was a fallacy meant to facilitate your emergence as President only; and we will not tolerate such an unprovoked attack on the psyche of the average Niger Delta by anyone or cabal, no matter their sophistication or formidable.

As ex-militants and free men with a discerning vision, we have it on good authority that the gambit is not unconnected with moves to punish the National Chairman of the APC for his uncompromising stands in the projection of Sen. Lawan and Hon. Gbajamiala for the Senate Presidency and House Speakership respectively as the party unanimously resolved and directed him (Oyegun) to so do; and for which he has no personal choice than to execute; so what's Chief Odigie Oyegun's offense? As the mouthpiece of the Niger Delta people, we had previously endorsed Sen. Bukola Saraki for the plump job of Senate Presidency; and subsequently congratulated him in the print and electronic media on his unequal adoption as the sole candidate by distinguished Senators on the 9th of June; while we also tasked him to beam his leadership over the interventionist agencies for Niger Delta (NDDC, Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, and the Presidential Amnesty Program) as most of them have derailed from their organic objectives; so, our contention therefore Mr. President, is that, whereas we as non-Governmental group had endorsed Sen. Saraki, although the ruling party organized a mock primaries to elect Lawan, why then would the National Chairman be used as a sacrificial lamp in spite of his unalloyed loyalty to the spirit of the APC; meticulous and prolific leadership of a once opposition party into THE ruling national party? We know that the move is an unprovoked attack on the psyche of the average Niger Deltan, and we take serious and unparalleled exception to this unholy gang up against Chief John Oyegun; and if perfected as planned, we will retaliate with collateral consequences.

Mr. President; be reminded that the People's Democratic Party was voted out of power at the Centre essentially for its vindictive political tendencies; and from the tone of developments since the National Assembly election, it's obvious that a tendency towards a diabolical-reward-system is being orchestrated in the APC, IN order to unjustly undo men of integrity who holds national positions. The unassailable integrity, consistency to Progressive ideologies from the h hey days of SDP to the Alliance for Democracy in 1999 are some of the attractive attributes of the National Chairman (Chief Oyegun) that endeared Nigerians to the APC; and if Your Presidency is starting on a vindictive note of this nature, we will organize an earth-moving procession in Abuja to sensitize Nigerians that the much touted CHANGE slogan of your party is a rouse after all; if the looming conspiracy is not resolved, and Chief Oyegun adequately pacified after two weeks of this emergency open letter to your esteemed self.

We appeal to the Tribune to keep up its vigilance as we will steadily follow-up on this matter to see to its resolution or worst case scenario.

Abamojie Soboma Ajudua Esq. – National Secretary, NDENYLM.

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