The Great Betrayal Open Letter To Gani Adams (Part I)


The purported assassination attempt on the life of Gani Adams should be dismissed as one of his usual propaganda tactics to attract public attention, and should not be given any serious thought. However, for the benefit of the uninformed public, we wish to put a lie to Gani Adams cooked-up story and to show him for the fraud and traitor that he is.

In 2007, Gani Adams made a similar allegation of an attempt on his life when he was questioned about the squandering of OPC funds. As dedicated members and leaders, we challenged him to put the money to judicious use. Rather than taking to our advice, a few of us were tagged 10 million boys by Gani Adams, alleging that we wanted to kill him after we asked about the money, and he could not account for it. A week later, he publicly revealed in the presence of thousands of members that he cooked-up the allegation against us and went further to announce a plan to use the money in question to build one hotel each in all the states of the South West.

Today, Adams has again resorted to his familiar tactics of laying false assassination allegations against innocent people.

In January 1999 Gani Adams alleged that Dr. Fasehun in conjunction with Lady B was given N20 million to influence the OPC in order to give the transition to civil rule support. On this note, he started a campaign against Fasehun, alleging that Fasehun, unilateral decision to sell the OPC was because there was nobody to check Fasehun actions.

In furtherance of his mischievous plan, a press briefing was held at the Isheri“Idimu Town Hall where Adams was named Deputy Coordinator to Fasehun. On March 1, Fasehun was removed through a palace coup led and coordinated by Gani Adams at Olushoga Street, Mushin where a dearly beloved and dedicated female member life was lost. Many others would later lose their lives afterwards under Gani Adams tyrannical watch.

The reasons behind the coup then were that Fasehun was taking the OPC into politics and which he was opposed to, but as it turned out, Adams is the greatest beneficiary of that move. Today, Gani has done worse than what Fasehun did in 1999, and we want to remind him of our slogan, which says, Eni pe ka wa dibo, Yemoja lo ma pa meaning whver asks us to vote will be killed by the water goddess, Yemoja.” Adams, if your memory is short, we have not forgotten.

As to the purported dismissals of cadres like Comrade Rasak Balogun (Saddam) Amusa Musiliu Adeshina (BIGGY), Adeshina Akinpelu, Ranti Akande (Otepa) and others, we make bold to say that Adams was only making noise as he lacks the capacity to do so. In case Adams’s short memory has deserted him again, let us remind him that when in 1999, Fasehun announced his (Adams) expulsion due to the rebellion; Adams categorically told Fasehun that the former coordinator lacked the locus standi to expel him since Fasehun did not induct or initiate him into the Congress. He went further to inform Fasehun that they were equals since the induction process was the same for all members, whether as leaders or within the rank and file.

Rasak Balogun that is now being accused, vilified and witch-hunted by Adams were the one he instigated to challenge Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu during the first-year anniversary of MKO Abiola death at Abiola Ikeja residence.

Months later, Adams instructed the same Rasak Balogun to disrupt the Lagos State Governor (Tinubu) official commissioning of the Health Centre at Somulu. The simple reason given was that by doing so, Tinubu would be put under pressure, thereby making him more pliable for milking and extortion.

Gani Adams bloated ego has seen him turn upon the traditional institution. He has insulted a number of traditional rulers, including the Oba of Lagos simply because he was awarded a ˜contract™ in Abuja. Adams needs to remember that when he was declared wanted and later arrested, it was the traditional rulers whom OPC turned to and championed his release. Specifically, it was the Oba of Oworoshoki and Odi “ Olowo (Mushin) that stood surety when your bail bond was to be signed. The support of these two Obas was facilitated by the same Saddam and Biggy that he is today vilifying. The institutions which saved him, and which we were trained to honor are now being desecrated by the same Adams. He should also remember that Tinubu was a sitting governor by then, which means that if he had a grouse with him or was not sympathetic to his cause, the bail condition might be denied or made more stringent.

In summary, Adams must step down from the leadership of the OPC for the following reasons;

1. Adams has no moral right to continue as the leader as he has committed worse offences than the ones that he accused Fasehun of, and, which eventually led to the coup against Fasehun, even though the allegations against Fasehn remained unsubstantiated.

2. Since there has been a precedent in terms of leadership change within the organization, there can be no claim of leader-in- perpetuity.”

3. If Adams truly loves the Congress and its members, he should avoid the scenario of 1999 and the violence and the needless waste of innocent lives that followed Fasehun refusal to accept the inevitable change that championed then.

4. The so-called pipeline contract which Adams has been promoting is actually a fraud as it was signed in the name of Adams, his wife, son and younger brother, thus hijacking the OPC Commonwealth for his immediate family, and personal favor. The same gs for a dubious empowerment program in which OPC members were told to submit account details but for which there has been nothing forthcoming. We are therefore reminding him that ‘you can’t fool all the people all the time.’

5. The piece of land on which the OPC began its meetings at Olusoga Street, Mushin and which had been acquired for its symbolic role in the formation of the OPC has been coveted by Adams. Adams claimed that he acquired the land for N25 million, a claim that is far from the truth. The land was acquired by the Congress through Baba Augusto of Ojuelegba/ Lawanson area, Lagos about 10 years ago. Today Gani Adams is claiming sole ownership of the land.

6. His frequent resort to violence, physical ntimidation, character assassination and a times murder must be brought to a halt. The memories of the likes of Rev. Adesokun Makinde, Shada, the late Comrade Alaka of Ibadan and many oothers,including very recently the people he tagged the 10 million boys and its divisive tendencies required that Adams must step down.

7. During the last OPC Hers Day, the widows of our fallen comrades numbering not less than 100 in attendance were deemed not worth more than N2, 000 each with a piece of Ankara material worth N1,000, while Adams bought a brand-new Toyota Land Cruiser jeep worth about N18 million from Elizade Motors, Anthony Village, Lagos for his wife. The question is, ds our fallen hers and their spouses not deserve better? And by what means can the wife of one-member claim to be more superior to that of another?

8. It is also note-worthy to mention that while thousands of OPC members are being told lies, impoverished and denied their dues, Gani Adams is busy acquiring choice properties all over the place, the latest being two palatial mansions worth almost 200 million naira each at Omole phase II GRA, Lagos with one of the said mansions located on Dipo Odujinrin Avenue, Omole GRA Phase II, Isheri, Ikeja, Lagos.

In conclusion, the National Coordinating Council of the Oodua Peoples Congress hereby call on Gani Adams to honorably vacate the office of Coordinator as the teeming members of the OPC has lost confidence in his leadership. We were a revered group by our Yoruba brothers and sisters here at home and in the Diaspora. Today, we are seen as hoodlums and hired thugs in the hands of reactionary elements. We want to rebuild our organization and take back our position of pride among the Yoruba Socio-Cultural organizations.

For National Coordinating Council Of The Oodua Peoples Congress

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