APC USA: 8TH National Assembly Blame Who? “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine”:

Senate President Bukola Saraki & Yakubu Dogara Vs President Elect.

The 'stitch in time' notion has been current in English for a very long time and is first recorded in Thomas Fuller's Gnomologia, Adagies and Proverbs, Wise Sentences and Witty Sayings, Ancient and Modern, Foreign and British, 1732: "A Stitch in Time May save nine." Meaning: A timely effort will prevent more work later.

Who is to be blamed or applauded for the swift moves in picking and choosing heads of National Assembly? Did money exchanged hands, were there no security reports. Well there is no gain saying, APC stalwarts are busy lobbying for political offices and abounded their daily responsibilities to mention but a few. It’s glaring and clear; A mistake is mistake, it is A mistake to repeat A mistake, the need to forge ahead. Notably make this path a learning curve!

Could what happened be associated to negligence or ignorance? Earlier into the party’s glamorous successful performance at the recent polls, we gathered the senate president position was zoned to North East. Senator Binta Masi Garba quickly ascribed for the position, made waves, gathered momentum in the race, and became a personality to be reckoned with. Later, she was comprised, sidelined for gender purpose and other factors.

In this event the presidency said it’s not interested in who emerges National Assembly Leadership, but cautioned a credible candidature and will not buy into anyone with outstanding cases with law enforcement. This announcement seems allowing the sleeping dog do whatever it wanted. This characteristics or rather approach to such issues are very costly. Similar situation and not exactly the same lead President Obama to cry (unable to get house majority), couldn’t achieve his ultimate goals to date. APC must get together, address issues smartly, without remorse. No complain whatsoever will be accepted by Nigerians, it’s your business to deliver Nigeria, a responsibility you accepted.

This may be an acid test for the presidency to pay for its long lasting absenteeism from proactive politics and egovernance, as to contesting and losing a couple of time. Nigerian politics is serious business, not a joke! However the party structure and chieftain should have acted promptly and as needed. It’s unclear to the general public and ardent followers who paid the price for this historic change, now left aloof in jeopardy, feeling bad, their hopes being daunted. This mishaps deserves a quick diplomatic investigation, not by judgement as the Nation is acting now.

Regardless, the party formation and constituents are brittle now, the only way out is to temper justice with mercy, bear the lost and malleable resolve issues, avoiding pointing fingers. While, APC remains a solution base party. The party should not be distracted with hearsays, must reenergize and remain focus at all times. Their beautiful program for this nation must come through with all hands on deck, while it’s prepared to discharge its mandate accordingly to commensurate electorates needs.

Diaspora Nigerians committedly worked smartly at this poll, now in pity with the democratic process and patiently watching, as political rubrics unfolds, vowed not be caught unawares again. Diaspora Nigerians have committedly offered to serve in this administration to confirm true change process.

Without taking sides, we demand nothingness to a malleable - in house resolution, let go and once again prove to the world APC is the best Party in Africa.

Not long ago, we published an article widely picked by over 20 newsprints, dated and captioned, “PM News - April 4, 2015 “Beware of political jogglers, APC USA warns Buhari, Osinbajo” decided to refer to this article because we foresaw this game plan. Therefore, the need for the party secretariat to pay close attention to social media, print and electronic media, make appropriate recommendations: To Whom It May Concern. APC must also put in place a proper party administration, considering training and development for staff members and not run a market place business. Must approach issues in a proactive manner is highly recommended, respond to phone calls, emails and surface mails is more than necessary to do and keep records.

Again, in support of the party, recommend incorporation and use of modern technologies in day to day party affairs; we are able to provide training and referral, as needed. APC USA International Secretariat stands out among other chapters, “to say the truth and nothing but the trust and as is”, specifically to sustain the party, meanwhile, we are known to be working with Nigerians.

As it is now, there are more work to do, this is a not time for love stories, explanations, illustrations, descriptions and condemnations but for peaceful coexistence amongst us. Otherwise, remember: A mistake is mistake, it is A mistake to repeat A mistake! "A Stitch in Time May save nine." Therefore, we employ Nigerians not to quickly give in to 8TH National Assembly poll results. We give credit to: Hon. Dr. Mohammad Sani Abdu appearance on 07.30am NTA Good Morning Nigeria, June 11, 2015 and Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) press release, Calls for Peaceful Dialogue among National Assembly Members (NASS), June 11, 2015.

To be straight from the shoulders, this situation is resolvable and shall be resolved within the twinkle of an eye; like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; Jane Taylor 1806 - 19th-century English poem was published in 1761.

Let’s recapitulate with a practical example, a husband teaching his wife how to drive a vehicle, after several attempts, concluded she will never learn how to drive, but now she drives, never recorded any accident. Nigeria will get over this, give President Muhammadu Buhari another chance.

Francis John
APC USA International Secretariat
[email protected]