Questions for Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) to answer

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The mere fact that BRF has good publicity does not mean he is working hard and properly as he ought to. He has manipulated the media and hoodwinked the unsuspecting public to his advantage and gone to sleep. Lagos State has become a big

big bazaar where public funds are wantonly shared among cronies. Monies are kept in different individual accounts for BRF. And, this understandable, prior to his appointment as chief of staff, he lived in rented decrepit apartment in Surulere. Then the television in his sitting room was placed on a box. So, now is the time to make all the money in the world. Hence, BRF should provide answers to the following questions.

· Why did BRF award a contract of N289 million to a woman, the wife of the sacked pastor of RCCG, Gbagada, Lagos to decorate Lagos street for Christmas?

· Was Lagos State streets really decorated? The answer is an emphatic no, so how many streets were effectively, properly and professionally decorated?

· What is the essence of awarding such a huge contract for mere decoration, when there numerous important areas in the Lagos State that need urgent attention.

· Now what are the impact of the haphazard decoration on the political economy of Lagos State and the lives of Lagosians?

· Can't private organizations be mobilized to do such decorations properly as part of the social responsibility concept?

· Let BRF tell Lagosians how many projects, he conceptualized, initiated and executed on his own, which are not carry over plans, ideas, projects and concept from the last administration in Lagos State?

· Who is Tunji Olowolafe?
· What is the relationship between BRF and Tunji Olowolafe?

· Why is it that it is only Tunji Olowolafe that is handling all the contracts in Lagos State, in all ministries and parastatals, including road construction and what have you?

· Why is it that whenever Olowolafe is awarded any mega contract, he is always paid 70 per cent up front?

· Earlier on in the year, BRF out of the country in one of his numerous foreign trips could not convene the Lagos State Exco meeting which usually holds on Monday. But when BRF came the following day which was a Tuesday, he hurriedly called an exco for Wednesday, and the meeting lasted only three hours where eight mega contracts were awarded to Olowolafe alone. At least the exco minutes do not lie.

· Is it not important that the EFCC should investigate this fellow called Olowolafe?

· It is also on record that BRF is the most travelled governor in the country, in fact, he has surpassed Saminu Turaki the former governor of Jigawa State, at the slightest prompting he jets off to a foreign country, to do what? Only God knows.

· Only last week, BRF was telling some people how he saw snow for the first time in his life recently, can your imagine that? The governor of Lagos State!

· BRF does not just travel, he travels and spends at least a minimum of two weeks and for all his trips he collects estacode, what a governor!

· Yet, Lagos State needs serious and urgent attention for rapid growth and development.

· For example, if you go to Agiliti in Ketu Mile 12, the community is so backward and underdeveloped to the extent that it is difficult to believe that, it is part of Lagos State. Yet there over 10 such communities in Lagos, but BRF does not even know the communities and the attendant problems associated with them because of his incessant foreign travels.

· BRF has carried on a one-man show always neglecting, by-passing and snubbing the Lagos State House of Assembly.

· All his 100 days celebrations are nothing but exercises in panegyrics and unnecessary showmanship.

· Is Lagos State under a communist government? So why is BRF and Eko o ni baje on all government projects, buildings, items and what have you? Is this not an exercise in sycophancy?

· Lagos State needs more than mere grandstanding. It is hoped that his so-called Brighter Rewarding Future will not at the end of the day be a Bleak Regrettable Future.

This is just part one of a series of posers for BRF, an indigene of Ekiti State turned Lagosian. Hakeem Akintunde

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