Don't dabble into states,LG affairs,Group warns Buhari.

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  • A Political Interest Organisation,"Credible Alternative Alliance(CAA)" has hit out at President Mohammadu Buhari over his comment on State and Local Government joint account saying it should not "dabble into exclusive State matters".

    President Buhari at his Inaugural speech said that he will not close his eye to happenings in the State and Local Government.

    National coordinator,  Damian U. Ogbonna made this known on thursday at a press conference in Abuja.

    CAA also noted the Implications of such a statement when interpreted according to the Constitution.

    According to the Group,the president will be violating the Constitution if he goes ahead to interfere in State and Local Government matters.

    "The president may grant or withhold aid and assistance to encourage good Governance,cohesion and national unity; or he may revert to the courts to deal with any disagreements with the States. Any other method will be unlawful and counterproductive".

    CAA also questioned the president's statement on the Niger delta especially the amnesty Programme, demanding that the president clarifys his statement.

    Buhari has pointed out in his speech that the amnesty Programme is due to expire in December even as he promised to "invest heavily in the project and Programmes currently in place".

    The Group wondered wether Buhari intend to allow the various Programmes to expire or intend to renew them after the expiring date.

    "We are confused and so need further clarification. The issue of Niger Delta should not be treated in a flimsy manner without serious thought, given the possible ramifications of a policy change. Nigeria cannot afford to open a new front of regional instability".

    The Group also rubbished the President's speech that "his Government intends to commission a study to Identify the root causes of Boko Haram insurgency and their sponsor at the end of hostilities when the group is subdued". 

    CAA expresses reservation On the relocation of the military command and control to maiduguri as the best option to root out insurgency in the North East.[email protected]