Fans worried Eva Alordiah Might Be Bi-Sexual

Source: Maryjane/

There is an going argument, over the true state of Eva Alordiah's sexual practice. This actually sparked up after the popular female rapper, who has been romantically linked with Patrick Elis shared a controversial picture on her Social media.

Eva Alordiah who is prepping up for her anticipated debut album '1960' shared a picture of her with a white woman, Helen Chambers. The two women were cuddled up with their eyes closed.

The caption went further to create fodder for the gay rumours. "I love that I met you. Meeting you helped me let go. Letting go helped me heal. Healing isn't something everyone gets a chance at. I want to see you again Helen Chalmers. Please say yes!" wrote Eva in the caption.

Since she shared this picture, her followers and concerned fans have questioning Eva's sexual orientation.