Van Vicker Explains The Challenges in Ghana

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

While many are yet to come to terms with latest happenings in Ghana, Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker, has lamented that it took him six hours before he was able to get home from a movie location.

The actor on his part explained that the country is currently going through a lot as there are no street lights and the roads are in bad shape.

On his opinion, the actor sees these challenges as the government responsibilities for not looking into the drainage system of the country coupled with the fact that the roads are so small.

While the country is yet to come to terms with the poor power failure being encountered, the recent flood in the country has left many to ponder on what is the fate of the country if more heavy down pours occurs.

“My last night's flood experience: No street lights, pot holes, uncovered gutters, Power (lights) off, flooded roads, broken down vehicles, pedestrians finding shelter, obscurity, panicking drivers, continuous down pour, bumper to bumper traffic, many detours, small roads. IT TOOK ME 6HRS FROM MY FILMING LOCATION TO HOME WHEN ORDINARILY IT WLD BE 45 MINS MAX #God Help Us #Accra Floods #My Life,” he wrote.