Save Abia Now Condenms The Suspension Of Abia State 5th Assembly Inauguration By The Abia State Government Describing The Action As Illegal And A Breach Of The Constitutional Provisions.


A political Pressure Group under the aegis of SAVE ABIA NOW (SAN) has condemned the Announcement of the Suspension of Inauguration of the 5th Abia State House of Assembly by the Clerk of the House Declaring the Action as Illegal and A breach of the constitution Provision.

Addressing a Press conference in Umuahia,The Director of Media and Publicity of the Group Comrade Kelechi Nkworie described the Action as illegal and calculated attempt by the Newly Elected Governor to Cow the House has been done by his predecessor, suspending the House Inauguration by Dr,Okezie Ikpeazu will give him the leverage to run the State as a family and private ventures following the footstep of his predecessor whose during his tenure the House of Assembly was just an appendages and Rubberstamp of the Governor. The House of Assembly is supposed to play a major role in checkmating the excess of the Executive that is why they were elected by the people from various constituencies.

He pointed that Abia state house of assembly inauguration cannot be suspended because Isiala Ngwa South House of assembly seat winner has not been declared by INEC".

It should be recalled that up till now the winner of Isiala Ngwa South House of assembly seat has not been declared by INEC and both PDP\APGA are claiming to be the winner of that seat, it should also be stated that the Clerk of the House suspended the inauguration by citing the incomplete number of members.

What is happening is unconstitutional, the House has the required quorum of 23 members, the Governor has no discretion on this matter, sections 90, 91 and 105(3) of the 1999 Constitution, and this is very unconstitutional and should not stand at all. APGA members should assembled themselves and elected Speaker and deputy even if it comes a legal battle because it isn't within the powers of the Governor to inaugurate the House. The legislature is a different arm of Government and should not be stopped from performing its duties by the Executive.

Dr Ikpeazu in Conjunction with the Clerk of the House of Assembly has undemocratically suspended the inauguration of the 5th Assembly for egocentric reasons .He lamented that less than a 7 days in office Governor Ikpeazu has committed two impeachable offences. The first the award of contracts without due process and budgetary provisions, and the second the suspension of the inauguration of the 5th Assembly.

Comrade Nkworie pointed out that Considering the 12 - 12 PDP/APGA composition of the Members Elect, the Governor has acted undemocratically by suspending the inauguration with a view to buy time because of the fear that the opposition party stand the better chances of producing the new speaker of the House.

After 6th of June 2015, after the expiration of the 4thAssembly if the suspension of the 5th assembly still stands, then the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria takes effect in that the House of Representative takes up the legislation of the Abia House of Assembly. This means that the governor must revert to the National Assembly or face impeachment.

Let's call a spade a spade, what somebody is saying here is that President Mohammed Buhari should also go ahead and suspend the inauguration of the governor since the 5th assembly has not been inaugurated.

Abians are awake and will hold this Government Accountable for all their Actions and inactions within the Short time of their Stay and will resist any form of Ochendo Third Term Agenda.



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Save Abia Now is a political pressure group committed to reclaim Abia State from the undemocratic forces and Bad Leadership occasioned by the Administration of PDP Controlled Government in Abia state which has impoverished the people and charting the common of the People leaving the state as one of the lest Developed state across the country

Save Abia Now (SAN) comprises of committed professionals,scholars,Political Analyst and Rights Activist determined to make the change through constructive engagement and Education to Abians who are concerned to Restore the Glory of the State.