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Source: Mr. Adeola Ikuomola
The peeling aims of the departing skies
Charm braying garments in dark rooms
Like disgruntled blazing chariots of fires
Kneeling down to orphaned ray powers
The grass-cutters grazing the grasslands
X-ray the colourfully cultured costumes
Like the moons palletised on the waves
To downsize the competitive superstars
The grassroots nurse their fleering toes
With ointment refined in broken ballots
Abreast their gerrymandered soul cases
Raising the smoke to ruin the light days
The contestants customised our fortune
And harvested our thumbs with sorrows
Inflating their logos on our deflated egos
Like the darkest night uplifting the moon

"the graph of life is polynomial in nature"up today & down tomorrow
By: lasis moruf- nigeria