Is Governor Abubakar Sani Bello Of Niger State Surrounded By Political Vultures ?

By Richard Suleja

I humbly write to congratulate you on your overwhelming victory recorded at the recently concluded governorship elections in Niger state. The overwhelming support you got from the citizens of the state is a clear testimony for the love they have for you and their desire for change in the state.

Your Excellency, I know it's too early to start complaining but on a honest note, the earlier we start addressing issues like this the better for you, if not before you realise it, these little issues becomes giant. I am beginning to fear whether you have the liver to provide that much needed change Nigerlites expect from you considering the calibre of people I see hobnobbing and eye-servising around you.

Most of them are very corrupt; ranging from those that were banned from holding public offices to those that have in several times diverted constituency funds for their personal gains including those that rubbished Kure'd administration and those that denied Minna access to water supply from the inception of Talba's tenure.

Sir like you earlier stated, that you will carry out a forensic audit, my candid suggestions is, the forensic audit should also be extended to such characters around you and trust me, you will be amazed to your findings on them, then you will realise they don't fit in your system

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