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By Eyo Nse
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To be a happy person you need to go “NATURAL”, no faking ‪#‎LOL‬! Check below for my own ways to be a happy man/woman in all angles in this short life. Be free to add yours!!

1) Love Yourself: This is my first rule in this list, this serves as an ultimate rule for everyone in this life “Love yourself first before extending it to another”. An elder once quoted “Never bites the finger that feeds you”.

2) Do Good: The world is coming to an end, negative signs are every where. Good people had turned into negativity. People that practice positivity are very few. Dont join the multitude and do wrong. Help people and your reward will be in Heaven/above. An inspirational speaker by name Wisdytech once said “Trust no one even your blood relative, rendering help should be defined as God’s blessing and not to please man”.

3) Always Forgive: “A forgiving heart is a peace loving heart”- Wisdytech. Let Forgivenness always be your point of view in all crises as your maker does to you. To take war for war is not adviceable any more. When Forgiveness occurs peace is always present. Please, turn a new leave today.

4) Harm No One: It is said that bad company corrupts the mind and the body. Decease from keeping bad company, watch who you keep as friends and followers, cos this will only lead you to harm other people for pride, money and even for earthly positions. Remember: on earth all this is vanity. Quote this “Pride comes before a fall”.

5) Be Positive: It is said that a good name is better than Silver and Gold. Yes this is true. recapitulate this “Show me your friend and i will tell you who your personality is”. Be positive always and positive event will occur to you. Shun negative people, they will only help you in killing your destiny especially if you are a talented human.

Conclusion: Being happy is everyone’s wish in life be it small or big. But the mistake people had been making previous/currently is that the fail to observe the above rules mentioned. Let us all build our heart to believe in positivity and the world will be a better place for you and me to dwell in. But before i free my brain take this “When a mind heed to positive advice, the body will contain life”. Remain blessed.

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