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Great Ogboru: Bad Luck Politician, Rejected By APC Delta

By Dr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe
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In Mid-2014, I circulated a piece via social media wherein I prophetically declared that Chief Great Ogboru is not destined to be Governor and that his real destiny is to market iced-fish from nation to nation.

The post generated controversy and his facebook political thugs attacked me, calling me all sorts of names. I also mention in that material, if you remember, that Obaisi Omo-Agege is a political prostitute, jumping from pillar to post. It turned out that Ogboru failed in 2015 while Omo-Agege left PDP hoping to be Senator overnight riding through the back of Ogboru's dwindling political popularity.

These two men are political wharf rats in Delta State, causing extreme bad luck for the Urhobo Nation in particular. They formed political alliance, pumping up their chest as they gallivant the length and breathe of the State, all in the name of grassroots political mobilization. What a pity?

Well, Omo-Agege is not the subject matter for now. Great Ogboru is the focus here. He teamed up with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), on the one hand and a faction of the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) led by Chief Joe Omene on the other hand with the sole political objective of dividing APC votes in Delta State in favour of the PDP.

Ogboru's campaign was heavily funded by President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP major stakeholders in Delta State to ensure that the APC votes were fragmented. PDP wrote the result sheets and placed Ogboru and the Labour Party second. Ogboru collected huge sums of money from his political associates, pumped out his chest and bombarded the airwaves with political commercials like he never did in previous elections to deprive Urhobo Nation and the APC (sole beneficiary of Uvwiamuge Declaration) from getting 100% votes of the Delta Central.

He boasted that APC Delta State will die a natural death after his assignment to crunch Emerhor and his party. But alas, the APC gubernatorial candidate put up a good fight, pressing hard on the evil network of political enemies. He exhibited rare courage and determination. He fought a good fight and Ogboru and the Labour Party including President Jonathan fell YAKATA, same dimension the dreaded GOLIATH crahsed before a skilled DAVID.

Now, the same APC that Ogboru was paid so much money to destroy in Delta State is the same party he now want to actualize his for ever impossible mandate. Ogboru is a shameless political hustler. Very timid and highly retrogressive. He wants to be the boss all the time. He finds it extremely difficult to queue politically behind anybody hence his regular choice of mushroom political parties. From obscure DPP to a dead Labour Party. Now he is scheming to come to the APC and possibly be the big boss. What a tall dream!

The rumour is everywhere that Great Ogboru has commenced talks with the leadership of the SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY (SDP) in Delta State, just in case he is rejected by the APC. Me think this is the right thing for him to do. A reliable source told me this afternoon that the SDP people are also skeptical about his moves. They are afraid that Ogboru may hijack the party from them overnight and make himself the Party Chairman in the State, Leader, Treasurer, Organizing Secretary, etc, etc.

We at the APC Delta are saying NO to Great Ogboru's satanic intentions. No admission for him. SDP is just okay for his type. He should continue his negotiation with the SDP leaders, maybe things might just work out for him there.

Olorogun O'tega Emerhor is the new face of Delta politics and in no time Deltans will get the CHANGE that they voted for. Ogboru must continue his negotiation with the SDP and remain there since Labour Party leadership have issued him quit notice. APC and Emerhor are strategizing for success and sooner than later Delta State will experience good governance.

For real, Ogboru is a political bad luck and a sinking politician.

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