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Resign Now, OPC Tells Gani Adams, Dismisses His Allegation

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BEVERLY HILLS, May 19, (THEWILL) – The National Coordinating Council of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) has dismissed the alarm being raised by its National Coordinator, Gani Adams, that there were plans by an unnamed Lagos politician to assassinate him, describing the allegation as the ranting of a drowning man.

The Council has also advised Adams to do the honourable thing by resigning his position instead of trying to fool Nigerians.

In a statement issued on Monday by its spokesman, Adeshina Akinpelu, the National Coordinating Council, Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, said : “Rather than joining Gani Adams in his usual treachery and deceit; we have decided to ask him the following questions over his purported release.”

“If the allegation is true as he wants majority of Nigerians to believe why can't he be man enough to mention this Lagos politician he claimed to be financing the righteous group of the National Coordinating Council?”

“Why has he not reported to relevant law enforcement agencies? What has the Lagos politician got to do with the legitimate demands of the National Coordinating Council that Gani Adams must be accountable to all the members of the association?”

“For Gani Adams to have descended so low to cheap blackmail; it shows the kind devil he has become because of money. On a daily basis, he is showing to all Nigerians the opportunist he is and who is only using Oodua Peoples Congress for selfish purposes.”

“In decent societies, the likes of Gani Adams and his cohorts ought to have buried their faces in shame by now but because they are second-class citizens with inferior scholarship; they still think Yoruba people are fools and whose collective intelligence can be toyed with.”

“Here is a man who traded Yoruba people because of money. Let us even ask Gani Adams what happened to the six million votes he promised President Jonathan whom he took money from? God has really exposed your kind as nothing but an egocentric opportunist taking advantage of all members of OPC.”

“Gani Adams who currently is using Jonathan's money gallivanting the globe claimed he is establishing Oodua Progressives Union (OPU) for the promotion of Yoruba culture. Yoruba sons and daughters all over the world should beware of Gani Adams for his selfish nature. The Oodua Progressives Union (OPU) is yet another avenue Gani Adams intends to use to further enslave all the Yorubas.

“He is doing this because majority of members in Nigeria are now aware that he is using the group for selfish purposes. This is a man who used OPC identity to get the pipeline contract awarded but now it is Gani Adams private security firm that is getting the money.”

“This is a man who has over the years used OPC to better his lots and that of his family members. Gani Adams should come out and tell the whole world the families of OPC members who have lost their lives in the struggle he has assisted? He should come out and tell the whole world the number of OPC members who are alive that he has assisted?”

“This is a man who even owes his domestic staff and personal aides backlog of salaries. Let us even ask Gani Adams about the number of genuine OPC members who were part of the delegation he took to all these countries?”

“The recent false allegation of assassination attempt made by Gani Adams should be seen as a decoy he intends to use to get rid of all members of the National Coordinating Council.”

“Gani Adams knows that the Yoruba people have deserted him the moment he dragged OPC into politics of selfish interest. His false assassination ranting is nothing but a desperate manoeuvre of a drowning man who even gods have deserted.”

“Gani Adams should desist from inciting members of the group against some of us who have become his enemies because we want him to put the interests of all members and Yoruba race into consideration before taking decisions.”

“The era of OPC member killing another OPC member is over. The era of factions in OPC is over and we will not resort to violence irrespective of threat and intimidation from him. If truly he has no skeletons in his closets; he should do the honourable thing by resigning his position as the National Coordinator of the group.”