PDP CHAIRMANSHIP: Gov. Liyel Imoke of Cross River State may replace Mu’Azu

By Eyo Nse

In recent days the current PDP chairman has spoken bitterly that if he leaves PDP that the political group may be an history.

Brainnews NG gathered late Monday that Cross River State out-going governor, Senator Liyel Imoke may be choosen by PDP top executive to replace the current PDP chairman.

The main reason(s) why Gov. Imoke may be choosen are:

1) South South has the next seat in the chairmanship of the PDP.

2) Among all the PDP members in the south south suitable for this job, the eldest will be given the post, and Gov. Imoke is seen as the eldest.

A closed source to the PDP has informed Brainnews NG that PDP may not sack the current chairman rather they want him to leave by himself.