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We will make agriculture, mining mainstay of our economy: Buhari

By The Rainbow
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The President-elect, retired Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, has promised to shift the focus of Nigerian economy from oil to agriculture and mining.

Buhari also said that he would tackle the issue of unemployment headlong, saying it is one of the greatest challenges facing the country.

The Katsina-born politician, who will be inaugurated as president of Nigerian come May 29, 2015, spoke on Sunday in Abuja, while receiving Northern Elders .

He said, “The biggest message is to try and persuade the people, that, it is not possible to change the state of affairs now. It took 16 years and those 16 years, most of you know it better than myself, Nigeria earned revenue more than what it earned from 1914 till then. ”In the economy, we have to quickly turn to agriculture and mining because that is where you can do the quickest work and earn results.

”In other areas, you need to study them and dust all the books and studies and get people, experienced people, committed people, technocrats to come and help the government. ''They need to help the government to identify priorities so that with what is available to us, we can quickly make our people realise their hope for the government they have chosen.”

According to Buhari,  for Nigeria to enjoy relative peace, security, job creation and put infrastructural facilities, the power‎ sector must be given serious attention.

In his remarks, the leader of the delegation and Nigeria’s former permanent representative at the United Nations, Alhaji Maitama Sule, asked  Buhari to be just and fair to everyone irrespective of tribe, colour or religion.

Sule said, “Sir, it is easy; I know it was easy when you were a military leader and what made it easy was justice. With justice, you can rule Nigeria well. Justice is the key; irrespective of tribe, religion and race, justice must be done to whosoever deserves it. ”Power can remain in the hands of an infidel if he is just and fair but it will not remain in the hands of a believer if he is unfair and unjust.”

Sule also said injustice was the fundamental cause of crisis all over the world and that the only solution to avert crisis was justice.

In his words, “The world itself can never be governed by force or by fear nor by power; in the end, what governs is the mind, what conquers is the spirit and what governs the mind and spirit are justice and fair play. I have always known you to be a man of justice and I ask you to please continue, don't change or compromise justice for anything. ”Mr President-elect sir, we know what we have gone through.

''I will ask you not to discriminate against any‎ part of Nigeria but I'll urge you to do justice to all part of Nigeria, justice that will bring about peace and stability, that will lead to the development of Nigeria. ”I know you believe that one day you will stand before God to give account of everything you have done here on earth. ''I will rather prefer that you disappoint me than to disappoint God, your creator.”

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