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Buhari to re-launch War Against Indiscipline

By The Rainbow
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President-elect Muhammad Buhari plans to relaunch the War Against Indiscipline, which was the flagship programme of his military administration, an All Progressives Congress top notcher has said.

The party man who does not want to be identified because he is not authorized to speak for  Buhari said that the president-elect is pleased that Nigerians still have fond memories of the programme, which is the only government policy  to have fundamental effect on how Nigerians behave in the public space.

Buhari’s strict mien and the dogged pursuit of disciplinary issues in his 20- month regime as military head of state between 1984 and 1985  are prominent among the factors that worked in his favour in the general election.

Many Nigerians are tired of the pervasive indiscipline both in high and low places and obviously would welcome a change.

Our source could not say however whether the programme if relaunched would maintain its old name or would be packaged in a new name.

According to the source, the president-elect might come up with a more comprehensive programme that incorporate general discipline and the fight against corruption.

The party insider, who claimed to know so much about the mindset of Buhari, said that the president-elect knows that how successful his administration would turn out to be would depend largely on his ability to meet the people’s expectations in the areas of anti-corruption crusading and general discipline.

“The General believes that while corruption is most devastating at the top, it so pervasive that it needed a more comprehensive approach that will not only punish culprits but also mount greater awareness campaign of the dangers of corruption to the society,” the party chieftain said.

According to him, the Katsina-born incoming president knows the magnitude of the burden of history on shoulders and is preparing to hit the ground running.

The source said that the incoming president would move quickly to launch this mass mass-oriented programme to redirect the general direction of thinking and the laxity in the society. He is working on a programme that will endear him to the youths and the critical and informed groups that helped galvanize support for his ascendency through social media.

“Buhari knows that programmes like WAI gains traction with this base, and if my feelers are right, you be seeing WAI relaunched,” he said.

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