10 Most Influential Pastors In Ajegunle

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As we continue to celebrate 10 most influential pastors and comedians in Nigeria, it is good we celebrate our own influential and high-ranking pastors in Ajegunle who have one way or the other impacted lives positively in the Ghetto community. Recently Mindset Media Limited went into field to see how Ajegunle community has been influentially changed by these Ajegunle leading pastors whose callings have changed the mindsets of these grassroots dwellers.

In this context, influential does not mean those Ajegunle pastors that are stupendously rich but those that have used their callings to win souls for Christ and giving platforms for young pastors to grow at all levels. These Ajegunle pastors started their callings from Ajegunle and never took their ministries out of Ajegunle but though some no longer reside officially in Ajegunle.Some of these pastors have grown to the extent that, some run two to three services in a Sunday with sizeable membership of 1000 to 1500 per service.

As we continue to celebrate world-class preachers with their net incomes that worth millions and billions of naira per year, we still have Ajegunle pastors whose church auditoriums run into millions of naira with the state-of-art facilities with low profiles. God has blessed them individually to acquire their own lands not rented and built it to their various spiritual tastes.

Some started their ministries from dirty swampy environment but turned it to glorious worship centres.Ajegunle pastors have not done badly in ministries in terms of ministerial packages and others. The only thing that keeps Ajegunle pastors lagging behind is the media ministry where only few ones patronise due to financial incapacitation.Ministires outside Ajegunle progress because most members sponsor their pastors on the media unlike in Ajegunle where pastors struggle to preach on Hosanna hours, ACBN TV and others and hardly grant media interviews on certain religious and political issues in Nigeria. We should also know very well that pastors play vital roles in political leadership in Nigeria. It is time for Ajegunle pastors to start using their platforms to reach out to people across the world not just social media only but also all the media. To some extent, 10 Ajegunle pastors have distinguished themselves from the crowd and have become renowned preachers in the world. Some prophesied concerning Nigerian elections since 1998 and others, 95 percent had come to pass. These 10 Ajegunle influential pastors are:

Bishop (Prof.) Leonard Nwaoma Umunna is the Presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral International. He was called into the altar at 9 and God asked him to start his Pentecostal calling from Ajegunle.He has fathered many God-Generals in Ajegunle who are religiously doing well in ministries today. He started as a bus preacher to morning cry preacher and to crusade preacher which God’s calling has paved way for him. He has closely to over 70 functioning branches with over 100 pastors under his tutelage. His church auditorium runs into millions of naira with other noble investments to his credit and has employed sizeable numbers of his members into his companies to ease unemployment in Nigeria. He is one Ajegunle pastor that has spiritual voice in Nigeria’s leadership and the media in all levels. No week passes by without Bishop Umunna not featuring on our Nigerian TV stations or grant one media interview. God has used him widely to deliver the oppressed and others. He is a multi-talented pastor with vision and God-sent to liberate Ajegunle dwellers and beyond. He is an author of several books, movie producer, musician, lecturer and just mention but a few. He is blessed with good children and members.

Bishop (Dr.) Matthew Omodiagbe is the Presiding Bishop of Liberation Word Evangelical Ministries International. He hails from Edo State. He has become a mentor to Ajegunle upcoming pastors and beyond. One thing you cannot take way from Bishop Omodiagbe is the gift of creative speaking and vast knowledge of the word of God. He has over 10 branches and membership strength of over 1500 per service and runs two shifts on Sundays. His auditorium runs into millions of naira with the state-of –art office for weekly counselling and prayers. His quarterly programmes are well-organised to the core. He is also media friendly. His daily postings on social media on critical reasoning of the word of God could serve as a testament of spiritual greatness in his calling. He is blessed with a beautiful wife and children.

Bishop (Barr) Oterai is the Presiding Bishop of Gospel Church of Christ but not the sole founder of the church. He is a figure to reckon with in Ajegunle.Though the founder his late but took the mantle of leadership through the church highest body decision makers. He has appeared on Hosanna hours many a time and others. He is called to preach salvation to the world. His case of leadership is not different from Papa Enoch Adeboye of RCCG. His church also runs into millions of naira. He has fathered many sons for Christ. He is blessed with children.

Pastor Chris Charles is the General Overseer of World Christian Centre. He is one Ajegunle pastor that has one of the most expensive auditoriums that has capacity of 3000 per service. He is a mentor to several young Ajegunle pastors including Dr.Acho Faith of Kings City Church International. He is core deliverance pastor with integrity. He has authored several books and maintained low profile in the media. His voice is like a thunder in the kingdom of darkness. His daily biblical brainteaser on the social media is quite interesting for Bible scholars and preachers to digest. He is blessed with children.

Rev Dr.Silas John is the General Overseer of Faith Renewal Ministries International. He is one Ajegunle pastor that runs expensive weekly TV programmes for at least three stations. He has authored several books and blessed with sizeable members. He runs ministers’ conference to train young pastors on effective ministry in Ajegunle.He knows the value of media industry to the core. He has used his calling to deliver the oppressed and be brought to Christ. His church runs into millions of naira and has one of the most vibrant media departments in Ajegunle.

Prophet Monday Gold is the General Overseer of Grace, Truth and Holiness Church International. He is a trained accountant to the core but was called by God to start a glorious church. His prophecies concerning Ebola virus and the President-elect GMB since 1999 had come to pass. He is a gifted Ajegunle prophet who does not double-speak or comprise his calling. He is not carried away by the things of world than preaching salvation to worshippers. He runs a modern church with modern facilities. He is a vibrant prophet of our time and has authored several books and loves to maintain low profile in the media. His daily postings on social media are worthy to be read by those than want numerical changes in ministry. He is blessed with a devoted wife and children.

Rev Festus Ejete is the General Overseer of Christ Faith Tabernacle Ministries International. He hails from Delta State. He is presently building a state-of- the art auditorium in Ajegunle that has sitting capacity of 1500 and to run two shifts on Sundays. He is a renowned Christian musician with several awards to his credit. He is planning to take the residential headquarters to Delta State. He is core idealistic preacher with humility. He has authored several deliverance books. He has established several branches across Nigeria and be called to liberate oppressed people in Ajegunle.He is blessed with children.

Pastor Israel Jonah is the General Overseer of WordFeast Ministries International. Ever since he started the platform of Change Conference for Ajegunle pastors and beyond, he has become a mentor to young Ajegunle pastors. He is a gifted preacher and he has taken Rev K as his sole mentor in Christ. He runs one of the most expensive churches in Ajegunle.God has used him to discover people for Christ over the years. One thing you cannot take away from Pastor Israel Jonah is humility and he speaks respectfully without displaying ministerial arrogance to young pastors in Ajegunle.He is a gifted giver to the core. He is blessed with a dynamic woman preacher and children.

Pastor Vincent Igbokwe is the General Overseer of Covenant Christian Centre. He is one Ajegunle pastor that started with creative vision and supported by his wonderful wife preacher on Singles and Married, Pastor (Mrs.) Vicky Igbokwe(Nee Ebegbare).He runs a modern church and with low profile in the media. He is graciously doing well in his calling over the years. Many Ajegunle pastors see him as a mentor with large heart. God has used him mightily to mould characters for Christ. He is blessed with beautiful children.

Rev Benedict Eto is not the direct founder of Christ Missionaries Crusade Church International but one of the founding fathers that believe on the vision. He singlehandedly built a modern church that runs into millions of naira over the years. He formerly worked with Flour Mills PLC before he was voluntarily retired having served as a Manager for years. His church is a training ground for youths to develop their personal careers in life. He is blessed with children.

As we continue to progress in our media analysis on Ajegunle pastors that are doing well in ministry, other names will continue to unfold itself, if your pastor’s name is not here, then try to send his achievements for us. We are not here to praise any pastor in Ajegunle but to let young pastors to know the mystery of ministry than concentrating on the achievements only or resort to destructive criticisms. Mindset Media Limited will serve you better to unveil your ministry in a limelight.Pubilcity also makes ministry grow faster through the Holy Spirit. Everybody cannot come to your church but the media can reach out to many. It is affordable. It is time to book for your adverts and interviews now so that we can know you better.

Pastor Godday Odidi
Social Media Analyst/Mindset Media Limited

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