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Support For Immediate And Unconditional End To The Economic, Commercial And Financial Embargo Imposed By The United States Of America Against The People Of Cuba.

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For decades people of good will have categorically and overwhelmingly rejected the imposition of laws and regulations with extra-territorial impact. Volunteers, supporters and sympathizers of the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity (HCIF-PFS) share the view expressed by those people of good will in their clarion call for an immediate and unconditional end to the Economic, Commercial and Financial Embargo imposed by the United States against the peace and freedom-loving people of Cuba.

The wicked sanctions imposed more than half a century had inflicted severe economic hardship on ordinary Cuban people and the country as a whole. Since the inception of the Foundation in 2007, we have urged the United States Government to respect the sovereignty, national independence and freedoms of the Cuban people; and for lifting of the wicked embargo that has caused incalculable damages to the dignity of the Cuban people.

The wicked embargo was not a sort of accident of the United States' foreign policy. It was ill-intentioned and directed at subjugating the Cuban people to the political whims and caprices of US imperialism. Since 1960 the U.S. embargo prohibits U.S. companies' trade and commerce with Cuba. It affected business interests of third countries, and prevented Cuba from broader access to the Internet technology and an obstacle to the free movement of people, the free exchange of ideas as well the development of relations in cultural, sport and scientific. The impact on the economy is both high in dollar (damages over a $1 trillion), which is contrary to internationally accepted civilized norms and standards of behavior in the practice of international law.

In our view Cuba and the United States of America are natural partners and should both enjoy peaceful and conducive atmosphere in trade, commerce and investment relations. Given the growing number of Americans of Cuban extraction, Cuba and the United States should also enjoy warm and fraternal relations in social and cultural affairs between the two nations. Unfortunately, the potential for these economic, commercial and cultural ties between the two countries has not been realized for decades since the imposition of the wicked embargo in 1960.

No matter what the justification, if there is any behind the US wicked embargo imposed on Cuba, it is time for the US to reciprocate and act quickly and lift its embargo against the people of Cuba. This is the only way the US could be trusted as wanting to partner with Latin America in peace, freedom and dignity.

On the Summit of the Americas called and held in Panama on 11 April, 2015 it is great optimism that we, of the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity (HCIF-PFS) received the news about the speeches of president Raul Castro of Cuba and his United States counterpart Barrack Hussein Obama, who announced the restoration of diplomatic relationships between the two countries, frozen since 1961 when the US imposed diabolic embargo against the peace and freedom-loving people of Cuba.

In addition, we acknowledge the important role played by members-state of ALBA (the Bolivarian Alternative for the people of the Americas), particularly President Nicolas Maduro's intervention in the one and half year-long process of negotiations that culminated into the first meeting between the presidents of Cuba and United States of America since the two countries severed their ties in 1960. This was held during the Summit of the Americas in Panama, on April 11, 2015. This confirms Venezuela's responsibility to harmony, dialogue and peaceful co-existence, as well as it commitment to partner with any country that respect the rights and democratic freedoms of others.

We urge US Congress members to move forward President Obama's reconciliation with Cuba by repealing the extraterritorial extension law that threatened the existence of the Cuban people. The US anti-Cuban embargo was tailored to destroy President Fidel Castro and make Cuba a client state under US imperialism; but failed to achieve its vicious goal. We commit ourselves to imploring the international community to exert pressure on the US law-makers to join President Obama to lift the wicked embargo against Cuba; and end all hostile policies against Latin American nations, including Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina.

We understand clearly the thinking of the people of America towards their country's move to restore diplomatic ties with Cuba. The people of America have spoken in large numbers and have nailed their support behind President Obama to restore ties with Cuba. The international community, including and even allies of the US in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa have all lend their support behind President Obama, for restoring ties with Cuba; and for lifting the wicked embargo against Cuba.

Concluding, we welcome again announcements by the presidents of Cuba and United States to reestablish diplomatic ties between their two countries. We welcome also the people of America call for their law-makers in the Congress in Washington to quickly move for immediate and unconditional lifting of the wicked embargo against Cuba.

Long Live Cuba!

Long Live Latin America!

Solidarity with Cuba!

Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh
International Executive Director