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Top 5 TV Series In Nigeria

By Motunrayo Shafau
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The recently concluded Nigerian presidential elections tensed up the atmosphere and had everyone holding their breath. It’s time to loosen up with these TV series that are divine just love to watch - these depict not just the progress of the Nigerian film industry but the evolution of the film industry across the African continent. With the huge amounts of TV series and movies being produced, this list is not conclusive - brings you a few favorites of Nigerians and many Africans within the continent and in the diaspora.

This is definitely a household name in Nigeria, it is shot on location in Lagos, Nigeria and provides an insight into the thrilling world of film production. Tinsel has been called the “the most successful television drama on Nigerian television in recent times”, it brings the audience an excellent blend of intrigue, deception; drama and romance. The fourth season is set to be phenomenal, it aired in 2000 and has since aired over a thousand episodes.

Gidi Up
Lagos is fondly referred to as Las Gidi somewhat reminiscent of Las Vegas. Gidi Up chronicles the hustle, bustle and trials of young people focusing on four friends looking to establish themselves and pursue careers in Lagos. Produced by NdaniTV, Gidi Up is quite interesting and easy to relate with. The amazing quality of this series is something to be proud of as it clearly depicts the maturity of TV shows in Nigeria. The personality of the characters resonate with the audience and the experience of young Nigerians trying to carve a niche for themselves in the vibrant city of Lagos. Indeed the path of independence is filled with unexpected turns. With two seasons in the sac, we eagerly await the third - what will become of Yvonne? Has Eki finally found love? We’ll find out soon enough...

Hotel Majestic
This new series has everyone on the edge of their seats! It focuses on the controversial Emeni family and their bid to protect their family hotel. The Hotel Majestic is located in a beautiful riverside community.

According to the Regional Director of M-Net West, “Hotel Majestic is yet another addition to the exciting content line up on Africa Magic. This new and exciting telenovella features a fresh storyline and the cast, an impressive mix of established and upcoming names in Nollywood, brings to life all the intrigue, suspense, ambition, betrayal and love that make it a must watch.”

An African City
Written by Nicole Amarteifio, this Ghanaian web-series aims to bolster the confidence of the African woman. It has been referred to as the African version of Sex and the City which showcased the “liberated” lifestyle of young women. Focusing on five young woman who have moved back to Ghana after years abroad and the challenges they face. An African City provides a new outlook on Africa, the quality of production and amazing fashion of the characters makes the wait for the second season an agonizing one!

The underlying theme of this show is enlightenment on the HIV/AIDS menace in Africa in the bid to disseminate knowledge. The first season was commissioned by MTV Africa and the Partnership for an HIV-Free Generation and the Government of Kenya amongst others. Lupita Nyong��o was part of the first and second season after which Shuga moved from Nairobi to Lagos. Tiwa Savage, Ikechukwu and other celebrities have also featured in Shuga, making it  an amazing platform to educate young people on safe sex, family planning amongst others. With 3 seasons done and dusted, the 4th season is going to be amazing.

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