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Jonathan averted Nigeria break- up says Okupe

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The Senior Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on Public Affairs,  Dr Doyin Okupe said President Goodluck Jonathan's acceptance of the resulted averted a major crisis.

Okupe on  Saturday stressed that he never said  if the All Progressives Congress, APC, survived he should be called a bastard.

According to him , what he said was that if they  clinch power  and survive the next four years, he would change his name.

Okupe, who made the statement via his official Facebook account, was clarifying his stand as people had misconstrued his previous statement.

“Firstly I never said if APC survives “call me a bastard” what I said was that ” I will change my name” that is the truth.

So the prerogative of changing my name is mine.
“Bastard is not an alternative. But u can continue to say that if it gives u the kick.

I really and truly don't care. Secondly if I make a prediction it is my right to do so.

A prediction is essentially what it is… A forecast or projected statement about the future. It does not have to come to pass,” he said.

Okupe also praised Jonathan for the step he took in conceding defeat.

He said that the USA Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, had predicted the breakup of Nigeria, and it would have come to pass, but for the sacrifice of Jonathan.

“The Almighty CIA predicted Nigeria will break up after 2015 elections. It took the Godliness and intrinsic humaneness of one man to stop that prediction.

“Whatever it is you guys have won an election that was keenly contested yet you are not satisfied.

“12m Nigerians voted for Jonathan while 15m for Buhari. This is nothing to be ashamed of,” Okupe said.

The SSA still emphasized that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, methods of campaign was justified and lawful.

He also stated that politics was not war, and life would go on, adding that the PDP will however be back soon.

“We are politicians and in our business we are at liberty to use whatever lawful means we have to try and discourage or put our opponents down.

“This is why when the game is over we down tools and joke with each others again.

“Only inexperienced rascals and ill bred effusively emotive or misguided individuals will carry on as if a war has just been won or lost.

It was not a war it was a game. Please cool your temper. Life goes on. WE WILL BE BACK,” he said.

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